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WaterWorks Promo Video


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Cool find! I noticed the water in the lazy river seemed very clean back then. Also, when the video said "Construction mode", I was thinking there would be actual construction footage of Rushing River. However, the footage of a raft ride going into an actual body of water is pretty cool and unique! ^_^

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11 hours ago, Gordon Bombay said:

Such a great, kitschy video. 

Always surprised me to later learn that “Water Works” opened without a wave pool while rivals Surf Cincinnati (RIP) and The Beach (RIP) had them from the start and a few years before KI added a water park. 

I remember visiting Surf Cincinnati and being blown away by the wave pool. I mean, how the F did they make waves in a pool??

In hindsight I'm also quite surprised. Probably a budget thing. We both know that wave pools aren't cheap to build or maintain. At least when KI build one it was one that was considered to be very very large for the time.

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What a terrible "promotional" video that basically shows nothing. I'm supposed to be enthralled by how much water is blasting off those people's feet for over 30sec at the beginning? :D 

Hilarious they show people stopped, playing in the lazy river. Sitting on the side, splashing in the mushroom.

So bad.....


DEFINITELY one that not many people ever have seen! 

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Ah, the old Fastracks complex. Was never on them, but I heard they were bad for your back.

Wave pool might have been a matter of not wanting to cross under the power lines initially. The original WaterWorks stopped before them, with a set of kiddie slides that are over on the other side, to the left of the play structure now.

It's too bad the 1997 expansion that brought the wave pool was essentially just an ocean of concrete to get over there. The Boomerang Bay conversion fixed it some, and the Soak City conversion fixed it some more, but the original was horrible.

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I rode one of the Fasttracks (I think it was called The Streak; it was the one on the leftmost side (if looking at the tower from the ground) with many dips) when I was a kid and it was certainly interesting; I felt like I was going to fly off the side lol.

I actually haven't ridden any of the slides in a few years; the last time I went to Soak City (in 2019), it was for a concert at Island Nights. The last time I actually rode anything over there was in 2018.

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