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Don Helbig and I are launching a podcast!


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Interesting answer. 

So how did it come to pass that most every other park adopted the individual lap bars?  

The cost to change over for a park like KI (with 7 trains) was certainly not trivial. 

I’ve always thought it interesting that even Holiday World transitioned Raven only a few years after it opened, yet Knoebels has not. 

When it was asked, I honestly wish that PTC would have said, “No, but simply adding seat belts will work just as well if not better”.

I really enjoyed riding Hershey Comet last summer with buzz bars. My legs did too.

And not to beat a dead horse, but I wish they would have asked about turning a train backwards. My understanding is that Racer and others don’t run backwards because the Manufacturer doesn’t recommend it, but I’ve never understood why specifically, especially since they ran backwards for many years without problems (to my knowledge).

 In any case, thanks for posting. I enjoy these kinds of podcasts where I meet the great people who make the fun possible. 

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