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Park Access


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Yea, and dont forget that the park has 24 hours park security, including the parking lot and inside the park. Plus, they have the IJST track out front in the main parking lot and you may get into a lot of trouble for being there w/o permission. (yes, the tracks are still there, i saw them last night b/c i drive right pass KI to work everyday.)

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offtopic.gif Legend Rider God is going to smack you for saying his name in vein offtopic.gif

I drive by PKI all the time and park in the parking lot to look at the tower and to take some pictures but I never go that far I just take pics of the tower mostly gotta love that tower.

Well la-de-friggin'-da...

I do what I want... tongue.gif


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And Veering off...

Lets learn to spell, and what is Grammar!?

And the other way...

I am pro-life in generic terms.

Pro-choice in another in-depth topic,

Like I say, just dont get me started...

I am done Fishtailing this topic...

How about that Park Access?

No real excusable reason should anybody be at the park in the off season without a worker or on the job.

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