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Which Paramount Park is the best??

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The-Snapper you have no idea what your talking about. Carowinds isn't that great at all. They have Borg which is fun, but nothing to write home about and then they have Top Gun which is by far their best coaster. Besides those two coasters it dosen't have any thing special at all.

Hurler is rough

Carolina Cyclone is old and a version of it can be found in about every park in the U.S

Thunder Road is basically Racer, except a little smoother

Carolina Gold Rushrusher is really boring

Vortex is one of the old B&M stand ups and is not comfortable or exciting

Flying Super Saturator is actually fun, but you have to want to get very wet

Ricochet is decent but it is what it is, a mouse coaster

and everything else has something that is close to a replica to something at PKI

Plus Pki has a better collection of flats

I went to PKI, PC, and PCW either this year or last year and out of the three I like PKI the best, then PCW very closely behind, and then PC, I haven't been to the other two so I can't rate them.

The thing that makes PKI my favorite is their great woodies. Neither PC or PCW have a great woodie.

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I haven't been to any of the others, so, naturally I voted PKI. I agree with some of the others here that just because this is a PKI site, doesn't necessarily have to be your favorite Paramount Park or favorite park in general, although that is the topic of this poll; Paramount Parks, not all parks. rolleyes.gif

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Wait!... Iam on a PKI fan forum right??? unsure.giftongue.gif

community forums DUMB Shhh.... Its about all parks it doesnt say PKI FORUMS, how old are you???????? Because you arnt smart but your cute.


It was a JOKE!! for those of you who are bashing PKI besides this is PKIC Community Forums I dont get why kids, people whatever,WHOEVER get on a PKI community forum and bash PKI when PKI is the flagship park and many many more people perfer PKI to the others in the chain my point is clear but to sum it up...this is a PKI fan board of course PKI is gonna be 1#.

Smart Iam..Cute I dunno ask my Girlfriend

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