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New Paramount Parks site

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I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this here, but I'm currently working on a new site, entitled "Paramount Parks Guide & Forums".

Currently, the forums are open and accepting new members as of right now. The site will be an over view of all paramount parks, with links to sites such as these that focus on a specific park or attraction in the paramount chain.

The main site isn't up yet, but I've opened the forums up to test the waters. I encourage all to check it out, tell me what you think, and make suggestions.

Again, I'm sorry if this is against this site's TOS, and I hope I posted this in the correct forum.

Edit: Ooopps. I guess I should provide the address rolleyes.gif


Thanks again,

clint b.

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Thanks. Its definitly something I think that the fanboy community has been lacking, a central Hub for all Paramount Parks. The site will contain History, timelines, pix, etc for all parks, and each park section will have links to more indepth sites like this.

I will be asking for help once both the site and forums get off the ground when it comes to moderators, writers, etc.

I hope to see continued support, and thanks!

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If you had read, you would know that the point of the site is to have just a little bit of information about each and every site, and then to direct visitors to the appropriate fan site.

And are you that worried about something becoming more popular than this or that site? That isn't the point. And why do you not think each park could be covered? I have people (myself included) at each park so far, except Terra Mitica that will be helping me update.

Relax, no one is here to steal your thunder.

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I do believe a site like this is bad for everyone as not only can a site like this drain the Kings Island, Kings Dominion, and Carowinds fansites, but it can't cover the parks the same way our sites can as we know more about our parks than one person could about them.

I agree. I mean PKI is one of the least covered parks! We really gotta be concerned about this new site taking the thunder from the PKD and Carowinds fansites! That's where all the action is at! laugh.gif

Actually its kind of a good idea, kind of a bad idea. Anybody remember XPP - eXtreme Paramount Parks - a subdomain of Coasterbuzz? It went under because even with contributors from each park - its simply too much for one person to manage. What is needed is a sort of webring or network of Paramount Parks that work together and all feed into a central site that covers all of them.

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As for XPN, I plan on not being the only person managing the site. Once it is up and ready, the site won't be something that is constatnly updated with alot of new content. I want basic content and of course the latest park news, but then the ability to point to all the other great Paramount sites out there that have the best content. Kinda like a webring, yes. I hope that it will be up before I go to Solace, but if not, it will be up soon after. It takes alot of work, and I'm working every nite.

So far, in 2 days, the site has 15 participants. I really do want to make this site a success, and hope to bring all the Paramount Sites together so that all parks can be covered to the best of everyone's ability.

And with parks like Terra Mitica, Bonfonte, PGA, and PCW, it can offer the most information about those parks until a time comes when someone decides to make a fan site.

Thanks again!


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