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If K.I. bring back Waterworks

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You remember when Kings Island added a water park since 1988, Waterworks operate under that name till 2003 it was retheme to Boomerang bay to fit in with Paramount standers. Cedar Fair retheme it to Soak City in 2012 and added a Wave pool, then a Trap door slides tower. In 2017 they added a smoke house in the park. We haven't seen any expansion to the park as of right now. But if they decided to bring back the theme, it will be a Steampunk look. It was never seen in a American water park. I can see the old Play structure removed for a kiddy splash pad. The new one will be where the Surf Flo rider is. Manufacture by White Water West, it will be a Fusion Fortress, this will be the biggest than any other Water fortress. 1 big tipping bucket, a malfunctioning water tower, and the biggest Dump bucket in the Midwest. Each tower will be focus on different age. Kiddy, Family, Thrilling with 200 water play equipment. There could be a future expansion with this edition. You can predict what could be in that spot. https://www.whitewaterwest.com/en/products/play/multi-level-play-structures/fusionfortress/Water fortress.jpgWaterWorks.png


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