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New KI Capital Announcememt TOMORROW!! 10/19/22


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Just now, AintNutinElse2Do said:

Has the Summer Pass been available for a while or is that new?

available since august 

-stashua123 who inexplicably still keeps up with admissions products of Kings Island 2 years after leaving admissions-

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If it is yearly operation then in addition to weekends Jan-Mar, I would like them to remain daily operation through the month of August like CP.  Mon-Thu can still be 10-8 or even 12-8 days.

Also, would love to see a rehab of Boo Blasters.  With the combination of 12 years of BB plus 50 years of the same building (for me), it feels like KI is lacking in the dark ride category.

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So, testing the idea that this might be a pivot to a year-round operating schedule...

I checked the KI jobs site- https://jobs.cedarfair.com/kings-island

And it does say that there are "year-round opportunities"....

However, digging into the number of jobs & the types of jobs.... I don't believe that there's really anything on this page that would support that idea.

On the other hand... it is possible, I think, for an announcement to be made that year-round ops would begin in 2023 - and, therefore, a massive recruiting effort to begin at that time (recruiting for roles other than food service, should the park need those roles).

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14 hours ago, BoddaH1994 said:

I’d be shocked if it were year round. Dominion and Carowinds advertised year round ride op positions. Nothing like this out of KI. 

Plus, the weather is quite a bit more cold here in the winter. 

Here are the data:


KD's Calendar is already updated, Open every weekend in Jan, Feb, and Mar. 

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