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I asked AI some KI questions…


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Sure, here is a poem about the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island:

Oh, Eiffel Tower, you stand so tall
In the center of Kings Island.
You're a beacon of hope and light,
A symbol of joy and excitement.

Your three legs reach for the sky,
Your latticework frame is a marvel of engineering.
You're a work of art, a masterpiece,
A testament to human ingenuity.

I love to ride to the top of you,
And take in the view of the park.
I can see all the rides and attractions,
And the people below look like ants.

You're a symbol of Kings Island,
And I'm so glad you're here.
You bring joy to so many people,
And you're a part of my childhood memories.

Thank you, Eiffel Tower,
For being such a special place.
I'll always cherish the memories I've made here,
And I'll always be grateful for you.

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13 hours ago, Captain Nemo said:

Or... Imagine this. A company that utilizes AI to create an immersive screen based attraction content. Basically a user can Input the kind of ride they want and AI will do the rest. We're closer than you may think to this technology becoming a very real thing.

I want something like Sum of All Thrills at Epcot that let you build a coaster on a computer, then ride it via giant robotic arm.

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