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New Kings Island socks


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14 hours ago, PKIDelirium said:

When did Adventure Express get RMC'd?!

I hate myself so much for feeding the hype train... but:

RMC has mentioned Outpost 5 a few times on Twitter recently. That those socks vaguely resemble RMC track is... interesting.

For the sake of being able to live with myself for writing this post, I will point out that that could very, very easily just be a stylistic choice on the part of whoever designed the socks, and nothing more. Nothing about the design implies that it's meant to be photorealistic. And I would not put it past RMC to have tweeted what they did simply to have fun with people who are tweeting at them to ask if they're doing something to Adventure Express.

Anyway, Kings Island seems to have cracked the code on how to get me to buy more merch, which is to make AE merch. Do I think the AE socks are pretty tacky? Yes. Will I be buying them anyway? Probably. Did I already buy the "I rode Adventure Express in 2023" pin despite not having ridden Adventure Express in 2023? You betcha.

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I like The Bat and Adventure Express socks (also, there is finally merch for *new* Bat (1993) - most of the KI merch I have seen is for the 80's Bat)  but I don't know that I'd actually buy them. $25 and also, I'm not that into socks. Now, if it were on a t-shirt...

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