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Best Water Park Attractions


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As someone who has been an avid goer of the park the better part of 20+ years now, I have never done the water park. I have walked around in it once with a friend, but never actually rode anything. My early years of going to KI were mainly focused on the dry side and I suppose that has always been my primary focus in general. And the thing is, I actually enjoy water parks as a whole, I just usually don't do them for one reason or another ( normally I find them to be awfully crowded ). But this year I have decided to want to give it a try especially since I have all season Fast Lane I figured that would help some with the attractions that offer it. 

So what are everyone's favorite attractions at the water park and why? Just trying to get a feel for what to expect. Definitely going to try everything if possible, but just wanting to get a general idea. TYIA. 

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I really enjoy the Tropical Plunge slide where the floor drops below you feet and you plunge down, I also enjoy the Mondo Monsoon family tube ride where you plunge down into a giant funnel. I also enjoy the lazy river and wave pool and there is lots of smaller slides along the way but one thing I’d recommend is don’t overpack just bring a change of clothes and maybe a towel as you’ll have to get a locker to stow your things. The water park closes at 7 so you still will have three hours at the main park should you choose. 

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