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How will Disney be remembered by younger generations?

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I was born in the late 90s towards the end of the Disney Renaissance so needless to say I grew up with a ton of great 90s films and remember watching older films that have since been seen to have controversial elements: Dumdo, Peter Pan, etc. Since then there have been studio acquisitions and remakes galore; not to mention the closure of most Disney Stores across the world. With all this said, the question has to be asked: “how will younger generations remember Disney?”


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I’m not sure. The parks are thriving and will probably continue to do so. 

The studio is a different case. I grew up during the Disney Renaissance (and I have the VHS tapes to prove it) and watched the new and old films as they made their way in and out of the “vault.” I think those classics will always stand the test of time, but their current studio output seems to be pretty uninspired. 

They really need to shift their focus to new, original stories and, most importantly, allow the creators and directors to have their own vision. So much of their recent output screams of “board room checklist filmmaking.” That’s not a formula that’s going to work forever. I’d argue that the tide has begun to turn. 

There needs to be a creative shake up. Kicking Chapek to the curb was a great start, but I’m not sure if Iger has the chops to right the ship completely. In an ironic and cyclical way, there almost needs to be an Eisner-type figure to come in from the outside and shake things up. 

- beastfan11, an old, grumpy shareholder. 

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I'm guessing because of their strong association with Marvel and Stars Wars now, I think most kids today will associate Disney with everything Marvel and Star Wars.  Seems like both properties have taken a bit of a dive since Disney purchased them (or at least over the  last several years anyways, not sure exactly at which point Disney acquired them.)  Some of that is the natural ebb and flow in that I think super hero movies have been so played out that people are ready to find something different (though I'm not sure that they have) but part of that is on Disney or whomever is in charge of the scripts and stories, they haven't been great for the most part.

the other area that will hinder them is for many older generations, Disney then later Nick represented the main kids programing and there wasn't much else.  Disney World/Land offered a heightened experience with the characters that you loved in the movies/TV.  Today's kids have so many more options for content, youtube, netflix and a billion other streaming services not to mention Tik Tok and the like.  Disney's movie of the week is no longer something special, its just another option (well not that the movie of the week thing exists anymore, but you catch my drift)  With so many options, younger kids will age out of Disney and into more grown up kids content much quicker that will lesson that sense of nostalgia that older generations developed with Disney Properties.

I think the way older generation or Disney Adults if you will feel about Disney will be lost of today's youth if we check back in 20 years.  Course by then I'll have my flying car so all will be good :)

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