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Season Pass Giveaway from 2008ish


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I had a conversation about season pass giveaways in the past (they were like Enhanced Pass Perks, but were actually real). It struck me that enough time had passed that some may not have seen this before, but it was a nice little thing they did for people who renewed early. I think this was 2007 going into 2008. If you want to see one in the wild, meet up with @IndyGuy4KI on a cool day. He is the only person I know that wears one regularly. :D


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1 minute ago, jdf21972 said:

I think those are a $1 item at goodwill now.

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Oh I’m sure!

What brought this to mind was that my GF and I recently became Disney APs and have received things like a welcome package, magnets, etc from them. She said she wished KI did something like this instead of, for example, charging for a $400 Prestige Pass that gets you free tap water. Thinking back, they did have a program like that about 15 years ago.

Who still has this relic of a bygone era?  

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