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Ok, just spent a LONG time filling out a new survey. I’ve gotten used to half heartedly filling these “specific topic” surveys out-trying to force my ideas and opinions on other topics in LOL but this one… has anyone else gotten it. It’s very specific about my last visit. Why I came (CARNIVALE) my opinions based on that experience (ehhh used to be better) what I’d like to see added in ALL AREAS - food, rides, live entertainment, merchandise. Asked if Park could contact me regarding all my opinions and feedback-sure, NEVER had that option before, and an invite to a KI panel that will be sent regular surveys and questions regarding Park improvements and future plans. This makes me feel like 1) something is up as in they know attendance is soft 2) people are noticing and complaining more vocally than in past 3) “bought in” passholders and fans are a valuable and valid base to tap into for feedback. Interesting to see if they call, if more “panel surveys” come and who else got this survey? 

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I've already received three surveys this year from Kings Island and it appears surveys are being sent out more frequently throughout the entire chain. Heck, Canada's Wonderland probably spoiled what their next coaster is going to be just from a survey they sent out several weeks back.

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I get surveys regularly, but the general survey’s questions are absurd:


”A safe park is very important to me.”

”The quality of the food is important.”

”Being able to ride what I want to ride is important.”

Literally almost nobody would put anything less than “Very Important” or whatever. A waste of money and data for them and a waste of time for the guest. 

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