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I'd like to see a scaled down winter experience... snowflake lake, shoppes, food and a couple of shows. Not rides.  Go through mid February.

But then again, they cancelled winter weekends at three parks after one season. There are many variables, but given experience, knowledge, time and commitment, it could work at Kings Island.  But then again, it could possibly not work.  :)

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I selected "other". My reason being, I would like to see more public operating days/hours during the fall. I enjoy Winterfest, but I see no need for it to be extended past New Years Eve. The idea of an earlier opening in the spring would, in theory, be awesome, However being in the Midwest, sometimes its unusually warm and sometimes its still brutally cold with snow. Also, allowing the park more time to get things in tip-top shape is important too. And as someone who thinks fall weather is just perfect, the idea of having more days/hours available to enjoy the park then is far more preferred in my opinion. 

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On 10/30/2023 at 11:34 AM, SonofBaconator said:

Would you rather extend Winterfest into weekends in January or open the regular season earlier in the Spring? Or would you rather something else?

I would absolutely love the opening day to be a month or so sooner, early March like dollywood would be perfect for maintenance to do everything and the park open at a good time! Winterfest is perfect 

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