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Hatbox Ghost Materializes at WDW

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I saw the new version of the Hatbox Ghost the week it premiered at Disneyland - and I loved it.  Now although I'm excited to see it added to the WDW attraction, I am in the camp of people that has an issue with this version.

At DL, the Hatbox Ghost appears just as you exit the attic and head into the cemetery "Grim Grinning Ghosts" 2nd act of the ride.  This immediately follows the "Constance Hatchaway" bride subtext where her grooms all lost their heads.  Perfect placement for the Hatbox figure.

The new version at WDW has the Hatbox Ghost appearing just to the left of the endless hallway - very early in the 1st act of the ride - and long prior to the bride arc.

The decision on his placement at WDW is obviously related to the recent movie storyline... where the Hatbox Ghost essentially walks/appears in the hallways. 

However when it comes to the original attraction's storyline - this placement doesn't jive. 

The general story/idea of the ride is that until you enter the seance room, and Madame Leota conjures the spirts to awaken, you do not physically see a ghost.  Sure, prior to Leota, you get "hints" of the ghosts (shadows... footsteps... rattling doors, a hand trying to escape a coffin etc.) but you never physically see one.

At WDW, now you do.

IMO, the placement of the Hatbox Ghost in the WDW attraction defies the original storyline of the attraction.  It just doesnt make sense.


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