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2024 Fireworks Display


2024 Nighttime Fireworks Display  

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Hey everyone! 

Just wanted to see how everyone feels about the fireworks the park has had in years past and what they would like to see going forward into the 2024 season. 

I know the park has made some operating changes in '23 and now more expected for '24 soo figured the perfect time to pose such a question!


For Q2, I did make it multiple choice in case there is a different answer that fits better for you!

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I always loved riding WindSeeker during the fireworks, which has been one of my fondest memories especially when Vortex was still here. I like the drones and lasers, but dearly miss these fireworks rides and subsequently feel slightly conflicted when watching the show. Honestly, I hope the drones and lasers eventually get phased out so the WindSeeker fireworks rides can return.

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Actually, while FUN FIREWORKS 50 was awesome and gave us some wonderful infrastructure, I think it was actually just a tad TOO long. The tag at the end, while great felt a bit tacked on. Maybe it was the nature of the 4th of July segment that SEEMED like a finale, or the fact that I think each season segment was a few seconds too long. I actually really liked At the End of the Day (I refuse to call it Adventure Awaits, as they totally blew that concept) but what they did was nice. I’m actually a bit bummed if they are moving to a different song this year. As to the effects, I think there are plenty-almost too much going on at times. Id settle for less if someone could ACTUALLY program the fountain to really choreograph to the music. As it is, it just “bounces and squirts@ soneohigher, sometimes in synch, but it never really feels FULLY integrated. It would be cool instead of adding more to INT STREET, they actually added a few more “effect zones” like in Area 72 and 1-2 other areas so you could still get “the story” with lighting, projection or lasers in other areas. But since the fireworks are always at closing now with no 11 pm closes, they probably don’t want crowds gathering in other areas on the park. 

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