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The New Kings Island Central Website is Here!

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Kings Island Central came into existence in 2003. Dane Thomas, who started the website, just wanted a place to host pictures of the park. Kings Island Central quickly grew in popularity faster than anyone could have imagined. Over the years, Kings Island Central has grown exponentially and has become one of the very few dedicated fan and forum websites left in the industry. Kings Island Central continues to thrive even with the increased use of social media. Media Director Brad Perdue continues to keep Kings Island Central's content relevant. He keeps the main website updated by adding park history in real time and adding hundreds of photos every year to our vast collection of photo galleries.

As Brad continued to add more photos, and the forums continued to grow, we started to max out our space on the current server. Brad ran the server out of space multiple times during the documentation of Adventure Port and the 2023 season. At that point, Brad and Matthew Middleton, the KIC Website Director, knew they had to do something to keep the website going. In late 2023, we started with a fresh web server and picked out a new theme to build out our main website. We have been working since then to rebuild the current website pages into the new website and give them a modern look. Our original graphic designer, Lee, also took our vision for the website and created the new logos.


The Kings Island Central Admin Team hopes you enjoy the new website and find it easier to navigate and find the vast information contained on our website.

The Kings Island Central Admin





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Looks amazing! So glad to be a part of the Kings Island fan community. We have something there that no other amusement park has to my knowledge. A strong fan base that loves this park and loves the attractions both current and defunct that have operated here over the many years. KICentral is a way not only to learn about and discuss the park but also to connect with fellow amusement park fans who all have one thing in common - we love Kings Island and the amusement park industry! 

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Yes I love this design myself. Sounds like everyone worked as a team to bring this to life. As a Computer Graphic Design graduate, I love the way this looks from that perspective too! I have to agree with what robintodd said above me!

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As a Graphic Designer and site designer too, I know the hard work and decisions that went into all this. Great job and I'm so happy to be part of this group that enjoys this site on a daily basis and loves King's Island like a second home.

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