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Tomb Raider - The Ride question


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That’s a sparkler that was in the upper right corner of the building. When the ride began the gondola would slowly move clockwise. If you listen to the ride audio at that moment there is electrical sound effect. Part of the rides story line, it represents the ride vehicle “loosing power” as the planets fully align, thus the sparks you see. The effect only lasted a few seasons.

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I got to ride it when it first opened.  Actually went on my lunch hour with a co-worker.  I really had no idea what type of ride it was and went totally uninformed.  It was amazing and I was blown away.  My favorite part was being hung upside down to the lava pit . . I could feel the water hitting my face. 

The only other time I was that amazed at KI was my first time riding "The Beast", but you gotta know I was 12 when it opened.  The other ride that comes to mind is seeing "The Outer Limits: Flight of Fear" being launched for my first time.  You could hear everyone in line just say 'wow'.  Remember it was a new experience back then.

Honestly, I do not think Disney or Universal could have done a better job.

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