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Which "mistake" items are corporate and which are local?

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For all the knocking folks here give on mistakes and bad information KI hangs up and talks about, maybe some of it is corporate.  Take a look at how many things are wrong with this poster that someone posted to social media from KD pass preview last night:


May be an image of text that says '100 Refills All ice ce/Cal. Cal. 660 1320 SEASON PASS OR ENJOY FREE ALL SAESON ONLY 3599 ONLY Free Refills All Year* Free Refills 0-330 per perbottle bottle per 16oz cup 220 Cal Day Of Purchase 0-330 0-330Cal/0-220 Cal perbt per per 16 0 CocaCola *Season Pass Drink Plan must be linked to valid Season Pass. 15 minute interval time between refills p GUUKED'

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  • disco2000 changed the title to Which "mistake" items are corporate and which are local?

I think, I could be wrong, a sign like that would be completely done by the local park.  I would attribute any mistake in it to the park and assume corporate had nothing to do with it.  It’s even spelled correctly at the bottom of the sign.

As a guest, mistakes happen, I would laugh about it, take a picture, and move on.  If you’re always expecting perfection, you’re expecting too much.  Hopefully the park fixes this quickly.

Although whenever I see something like this I have to wonder how many people saw this, and how did none of them catch it.

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