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Disney Shareholder Vote, Blue Card Nelson Peltz: Deadline Tonight 4/2/24 at 11:50 pm

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The Disney Shareholder vote for the Board of Directors is tonight 4/2/24 at 11:59 pm.  This is your opportunity to vote, or change your vote, for the dissident Board of Directors slate comprised of Nelson Peltz and former Disney Executive Jay Rasulo (you must also vote "Withhold" on the following candidates: Michael B.G. Froman, Maria Elena Lagomasino, Craig Hatkoff Jessica Schell, and Leah Solivan) if your goal is to elect Peltz and Rasulo. 

Disney has lost its way.  Disney seems to be doubling down on producing movies and entertainment for which no profitable market currently exists.  Disney studios has lost more money in one year than any studio in history--and that's saying a lot.  Disney Parks and Resorts have been neglected, under invested, and treated like cash cows to fund any manner of foolishness in other divisions of the company.  The newest Disney Cruise Line ship has debuted to less than stellar reviews.  Streaming services are a huge money draining mess. 

Who is Nelson Peltz?  And why do shareholders believe Peltz/Rasulo is the catalyst need to effect positive change and get Disney back on track as the premier entertainment company? Because Peltz has pulled off such a task before:  he lead the board turn around of Proctor and Gamble and improved the performance of the company to all time highs.  Rasulo has been an insider at Disney and clearly sees the problems created by current leadership.  

After Nelson Peltz exited Proctor and Gamble he moved on the join the board of international consumer goods company Unilever.  The turnaround is well underway, non-core product lines have been divested, board governance has improved, a sharp focus has been placed on the most promising, profitable, and consumer preferred brands, executive talent has been sharpened and adjusted to execute a plan of success.  

Below is a link to the Unilever Growth Action Plan which reports upon, updates, and provides clear details about the turnaround.  This plan is miles ahead of anything Disney has crafted to outline a concise plan of attack upon their many issues.  Read the Unilever Growth Action Plan and decide for yourself if this is the type of leadership Disney shareholders deserve.  If you agree that it is, vote, or adjust your vote, tonight to support Peltz/Rasulo.  For those who think they have to few shares to make a difference, you should know Peltz board vote was so close at Proctor and Gamble that initially the company announced he had lost the vote.  In fact Nelson Peltz won the vote by an extremely thin margin of victory.

It is not to late to quickly vote or adjust your vote tonight. 

Here is the promised link to the Unilever Growth Action Plan update:


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