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Grand Carnivale 2024 Menu


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Here is a post to let you know what the new food items are for Grand Carnivale and a reminder that the KI Team should probably update the web site with this info.


• Smoked Duck Fried Rice- Duck Breast, Asian Vegetables, Rice & Egg Wok Fried
• Szechuan Beef Bao Bun – Steamed Bun, Double Cooked Beef, Pickled Cabbage
• Almond Cookies & Fortune Cookies

• Raclette – French Cheese, served on baguette & topped with arugula
• Crepe Florentine – Spinach, Garlic and Goat Cheese Stuffed Crepe
• Grand Marnier Crepe – Crepe with Orange Curd, White Chocolate, Chantilly Cream Topping (Candied Orange)

• Pretzel Bites – w/ Bock Beer Cheese
• Currywurst – Fried bratwurst, cut into pieces and simmered in a tomato curry sauce
• Schnitzel Slider – Breaded Chicken & Kraut between Potato Cakes served with sour cream
• Black Forest Trifle – Layered, Dark chocolate cake, Chocolate mousse & Local Cherries

• Lasagna Fritta – Pasta and herbed ricotta cheese, breaded and fried. Served with house-made marinara
• Piadina – Italian flat bread filled with Italian meats and cheese and Sweet Pepper Spread
• Cannoli – Crispy Pastry, filled with Sweet Ricotta and Chocolate Chips & Pistachios

• Paella – Saffron Broth, Seafood, Chicken, & Rice traditional style
• Buñuelos – Cinnamon sugar dusted, topped with chocolate & caramel sauce

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