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Things you miss ?


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sad.gif I'm gonna miss The Flyers and Antique Cars. My Papaw could really scare people on The Flyers, so I would ride with him. He hasn't been to PKI for a few years now. I also remember the first time I got to drive the Tiques. It was just so fun driving a car!
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too familiar with them.... my wife is a MV grad. Aren't they about 0-50 in football with their down the street rival in a burg called Ansonia. Am a Darke County Res. Just messing with you, though.

Oh..were not terrible at football anymore. we made it to the playoffs this last season. Yeah MV and Ansonia are rivals. (Bubba Gump go's to Ansonia) Thats pretty cool that we are from the same erea and all.

biggrin.gif Jennifer offtopic.gif All well tongue.gif

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Ok, Back on Subject Brandon !

Anyway, another thing I miss is kenton cove Keelboat Canal. I think they should have relocated it.

They shouldve just built Tomb Raider in another location but it is pretty big and we already had a log flume. I think they need to tear out Timberwolf. They shouldve ripped out timber wolf, kept cobra, and put delerium and TRTR where timberwolf is. I miss cobra.

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Hey everybody. My name is Jerome. Im new to posting messages on this site, but I have been enjoying the site for some time now. I too am a very big fan of Paramounts Kings Island. I have been in love with PKI every since my first visit in October of 2000. That was the year the Son of Beast opened. PKI has to be the best theme park in the universe, and will always be my #1 park!

Now on to what I miss. Well I kinda miss The King Kobra. I know alot of you didn't really care for it, but I thought it was a really kewl ride. Thank God Shockwave at PKD is only an hour away from me. So when ever I need a TOGO fix I just go to PKD and hop on Shockwave.

So everyone write me and welcome me to the site. I love PKI just as much as all of you, and I look forward to chatting and maybe meeting some of you one day soon!

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