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The PKI attraction rating system

Captain Nemo

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I gave it a 4 as well. . . Extreme is a bit too high for PKI. . . it's always been more of a family park than a thrill park (that's a good thing). But the nice thing is that even if someone isn't into high thrill rides, they still ave a good number of intemediate roller coasters--Adventure Express, Racer, Top Gun. But for the people who love the BIG thrill rides---well, SOB, The Beast, Vortex, and FOF are about as thrilling as you can get. And even though they're not coasters, I'd have to say Delerium and TRTR are some of the best rides in the midwest.

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Well, I went to Holiday World for the first time last weekend, and I had a blast there, and they only have two major coasters (this year anyway). I really want to go back to that place. Each park has their own unique elements that make them fun in there own way. While PKI is good, I still think the Disney parks provide a better overall atmosphere. But there is just something about PKI (and Holiday World) that makes them special. Perhaps with Kings Island, it is the fact that I have been going there my entire life.

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