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Delirium Repairs Photos


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You would be surprised how easy some people make these rides to work on.

Plus, have you ever seen the insides of one of these rides? I would tell ya, but you dont need to know what the problem is. Plus its more fun to see you guys guess.

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tongue.gif actually i can pretend n' be smart and know whats wrong with the ride....well..the third axel by the fourth motor ceased to operate which caused havoc...following this..mechanical engineers were brought up to the seen to properly repair the device to its glory days
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well actually a fat person went on the ride and when the ride was going full swing one direction the motors couldn't make it up all the way n' thats y one of the gears got screwed. didn't take a genius to know that laugh.giflaugh.gif

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Well, when they didnt take of the arm that confirms that the main gear is what failed. If the motor blew then they would take down the whole arm.

Why do you think that, about "the motor"?


Yeah, I'd tend to think the opposite. The drives sit off to the side and the gear is in the "guts" of the pivot at the top. But like Matt said earlier, the rides are designed to facilitate repairs and maintenance (for the most part anyways).

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