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Old Fashioned Cars


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I think that the old fashioned cars (can't remember their exact name) should go. If you go up to the Eiffel Tower and to the side with the cars, you can see that:

A] It's in the middle of the park

B] It takes up HUGE space

C] Very few people ride it

D] It's old

I know old fashioned cars are what every park has, but perhaps PKI should remove them. OR atleast make them alot smaller. They never run their second station, and the first rarely has a wait (assuming it's open at all). This area would be perfect for a coaster, or for any ride whatsoever. Personally i wouldn't mind a waste of space on the outskirts of the park, because unlike Cedar Point, PKI has room to expand, but the cars are in the CENTER of the park. This is what annoys me. Agree? Disagree?


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I wouldn't mind seeing the cars go and the spot would be good for a showcase ride. But I think the cars still draw a decent crowd. I rember as a kid, I couldn't wait until that first summer when I was tall enough to drive the car.

This may sound cheesy, but I think PKI holds onto some of those of the "tamer" rides so families can experience them together and make memories. A lot of parks have the cars but the majority of the population does not travel to other parks. I think the cars are a neccesary component of any amusement park, along with a carousel.

I don't think they will get rid of the cars anytime soon. They got rid of Sunshine Turnpike several years ago and closed down the other side of the antique cars. If anything they might do something with the closed section of the antique cars but I don't see an entire removal of the ride.

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I have to agree with you on that one.Scooter4ever. Yeah they are cheesy but its still a ride that a "family" can all ride along with the grandparents,little kids.although i think maybe they should relocate them to a different location.The place where they are at is "prime location" for a major attraction.

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The reason they don't get ride of the antique cars is that they need to have a good "product" mix. Prodcut is the industry term for the mix of rides in the park and the overall experiance. You need to have enough attractions that families can enjoy togeather. If you dont' have enough rides for kids who are too old for HB but not tall enough for the biggest rides you will have very upset parents. The second station is now permanentaly closed. They added fences to what used to be the enterance and exit. The ride is actually two seperate courses that intertwine. The coney side used to be called Ohio Overaland Auto Livery and the other side used to be called Les Taxis. Last year the attraction offically became Antique Cars when it got a sponsor.

I think they should carefully remove the unused course so that they could squeeze in a nice steel coaster on that side of the park. There is a lot of space in that area if you include the old spot of salt water circus arena plus there is land behind Wings and there would be land on the other side of the pond where Les Taxis used to be. It would be a neat layout that could go over the pond. I hope they don't tear out the whole ride though as that is one of the most beautifully landscaped tin lizzy rides i've ever seen.

P.S. does anyone know the manufacturer on that ride? Are the cars Arrow?

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I personally find Antique Cars to be lame. However...I'm just 1 of over 3 million visitors that PKI has each year. Many children find Antique Cars to be thrilling - and this is why PKI keeps it. SixFlagsNow is most correct in stating that PKI needs the proper product mix. Hanna-Barbera Land and Nickelodeon Central aren't enough for children. Rides like Antique Cars allow children and adults to ride tame rides together.

I'm quite sure that in a few years from now I'll ride it with my child who'll brag to his friend "I drove a car. I drove a car at Kings Island. I'm a big boy."

Have a great day!

Italian Chef


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