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  1. Hello! I'm heading up to KI on Saturday (despite the crappy weather), and my brother is coming along. I have a platinum pass, but my brother is buying a standard ticket. Is he allowed to come in for early entry with us? I have an old gold pass that I can give to him if they only check if you have the card or not, I'm unsure as to how it all works. Someone enlighten me? Thanks!
  2. So, I bought a platinum pass today (finally!), but I have a quick question: The early entry begins at 9:30am next saturday, but the pass processing building doesn't open until 10am. Is there a way for me to get into the park by 9:30 without my pass being processed at the time? I was thinking there was a way I could get in, and then come back out afterward to get my pass processed. I just don't want to wait until 10 to hop in like for Mystic Timbers. Any help is appreciated!
  3. Has anyone been through Dinosaurs Alive? Is it any good?
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