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  2. The train will lose part of its authenticity and charm going from a steam locomotive to an electronic locomotive.
  3. That area is gonna look great! I have heard they are retiring their 24’ Crown steam locomotive and replacing it with an electric locomotive. That is disappointing.
  4. How’s the wind chill on Orion? I’m thinking about riding it tomorrow.
  5. I wrote a piece on Knott's Berry Farm's Camp Snoopy makover. It looks great! A Beagle Scout Adventure Unveiled at Knott's Berry Farm - Theme Parks By Don
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  7. The last time I rode it, was with a friend, we shared the sled and I swore we were going to fly off, so much fun! Gotcha....I've had that happen maybe once myself. The only mountain coaster I've pulled my brakes to slow down was on Rail Runner at Anakeesta....I legit thought I was going to fly off haha.
  8. Sorry, I meant the type of parks where folks don't pay per ride (not Slingshot) but like boardwalk parks. I can understand that, but $ coming in is better than none IMO.
  9. More parks (Hershey, SEAS) are moving to a tiered rewards system for X numbers of visits. They need to send perks to folks that don't visit and create a reward system based on number of visits for freq visitors. Also keeps people engaged and active on social media even if they are just trying to understand the rewards or showing off what they have earned.
  10. I believe it is a Zamperla Junior Coaster. I'm also pretty surprised that they didn't get Snoopy's Soap Box Racers as I thought the "Soap Box Racers" part was a direct nod to Knott's original Wacky Soap Box Racers. Seems that wasn't the case. Still looks really good! I'm wondering if Cedar Fair is experimenting with different types of snoopy kiddie/family coasters for their parks. Canada's Wonderland got an ART engineering family launch coaster, Kings Island got a Vekoma Family Boomerang and now Knott's is getting a Zamperla Junior Coaster. (You could also throw in Wild Mouse at Cedar Point in here too, though it's not themed to Snoopy but it is still a kiddie/family coaster) Makes me wonder if parks like Carowinds and KD get something different if they recieve a Planet/Camp Snoopy expansion in the near future.
  11. I don't know about it going all the way to the front like that, have it end right before the preferred parking area begins, so we keep the green space on both sides while guests are walking up to the gate would be nice.
  12. I could see a coaster going there. However, since Six Flags IP's are now in the picture with the merger, I could very well see one of those Justice League dark rides going there along with an Action Zone DC Universe retheme.
  13. Yeah, this could work, Cedar Fair/SF should capitalize on this and look into making it happen imo. What would they do with Timberwolf then? I can see a coaster going there and a new theme/name for Action Zone also,
  14. The worst part about these kinds of things is the missed opportunities. The number of people saying I visited frequently and never received a perk. If they are visiting frequently they should be receiving opportunities to try to push them into spending more money in the park. Spend X amount get Y item free, or just an extra discount. But one, get one free, on certain snack items. Discounts on midway games. Provide extra bring a friend free tickets only usable on weekdays or other slower times of the year. Instead it was, your already going to the park so we will just totally ignore you. I have not received a single pass perk all year. Some of those perks would have been completely ignored, but others could have been the push I needed to spend more money.
  15. I’m a bit late replying to this, but there is a private event today (Dec. 7).
  16. Looks like we aren’t the only one next year… https://www.knotts.com/new-in-2024 It’s very interesting they decided to not go with a family boomerang like KI. Correct me if I am wrong but is that a Zamperla Junior coaster? The rock work looks to be amazing! I just hope they can follow through with that.
  17. Here is a quick review of the "dirty dozen" crimes Disney allegedly committed in relation to Reedy Creek Improvement District:
  18. Actually based on this it seems that the system isn't random. People that are visiting a lot aren't getting perks as they don't seem to need an incentive to come visit the park. Those coming only once or twice, the park is trying to get to come more frequently so that they will spend money on food, drinks, games, etc. while in the park. And in the case of the perk Stoan showed above, they are doing it by offering a fantastic perk to bring 4 additional people with you so they can collect as much money in that one extra visit they are getting out of you with the perk. As Tr0y said, it would be nice if rewards were based on in park spending so they more you go/spend the more you get, but it seems likely it is the reverse and it is just being used to entice people back that aren't coming as frequently.
  19. I would overall say 10 people riding it for $5-$10 is worse than 4 at $20 each. To start if those 10 were all at $50 it is nearly half the income of the 4 at $20, but saying they are equal or even $100 vs $80, there is more wear on the systems running it 5 times for those 10 versus 2 times for the 4. The springs and bands get put through a lot of stress on each run and from stuff I have read on these, need to be replaced frequently so operating it 2.5x as often for the same income is going to lower your profit when compared with the increased maintenance costs.
  20. There wasnt anyone infront of me. I think I was only person on track, maybe couple people behind me at the start. I think it slowed me down due to speed. I held that baby full pull whole time. Could be my weight 280lbs with too much momentum the sled knew I was going too fast haha
  21. The non pass price is $150. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  22. You are going to need to be more specific, because I do not know of any park who does not charge extra for this specific attraction. Cedar Point does charge per a rider and if I remember right it’s $25. Great Adventure charges $25, Darien Lake also charges $25. Some Six Flags parks do have attractions that have been paid attractions at other locations, such as Cat Woman’s Whip at Six Flags St Louis. But as far as I know, no one offers a slingshot for free.
  23. Last week
  24. Disney benefited for decades as a result of the Florida special Reedy Creek Improvement District. An audit of the district has turned up devastating allegations and examples of abuses of power including property tax issues, failure to deliver promised developments, bond and securities issues, evading Florida Sunshine Laws governing open government meetings and records, gifts funneled to politicians, operating ghost cities, bribes, and a host of other violations. A good overview of the issues are in the video link below:
  25. I usually ride the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster in Pigeon Forge. Mostly because it has good discounts on Groupon. But it is a really fun coaster.
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