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  1. The story going into the season is this is the last year for guests to enjoy Kings Island as they know it. If the merger goes through, there will be changes in 2025. If the merger doesn't go through, there will be changes in 2025. It will not be business as usual, because it can't.
  2. The park says Camp Snoopy will open late spring. What does that mean for rides that were integrated into Camp Snoopy, including Franklin's Flyers, Woodstock's Air Rail, and Charlie Brown's Rushing River Log Ride? If they're open with the park on April 20, then only part of Camp Snoopy opens late spring as other parts would be open.
  3. KI since 1972 has always had industry-leading operations. If you think it's really good now, you should have seen it in the 1970's and 1980's. It was a priority back then to fill every train to capacity, pairing up single riders.
  4. "I had nothing to do with it. I was on a cruise with my family when that went down." -- Tales of the Sea
  5. Looks like it warrants a discussion about it on Tower Topics.
  6. I am getting a Gold Season Pass with all of the add-ons. What I have yet to decide is which Cedar Fair Park will get the transaction and be referred to as my "Home" Park.
  7. Tickets were still available just shy of two weeks after being on sale, so as a card-carrying member of ACE, I decided I’m not sitting this one out and got a ticket.
  8. Soar to new heights with Ride for a Cause at Dorney Park! https://themeparksbydon.com/ride-for-a-cause-a-night-of-thrills-and-touchdowns-at-dorney-park/
  9. The Tower Topics podcast, with three episodes a week dropping, would be an opportunity for the park to get word out about these specials in front of an audience that has interest in Kings Island. Picture this: The executive chef or someone else from the culinary team is on the podcast, sharing with excitement what they’re cooking up, and the audience is engaged and wants to visit the park and spend their money to try these items during the limited time they’re available. But it’s just a picture.
  10. It was done during my years there. Sometimes it was my decision. Other times it may have been requested by one of the divisions at the park, or the ride manufacturer. I wanted people to see rides testing. It generates interest, excitement and anticipation. That was not a reason I turned off a webcam. Others had different thoughts on that.
  11. It's not a state thing. It's a decision a park would make.
  12. They don’t want you to see the train for Snoopy’s Soap Box Racers has been delivered and taken to the ride, nor do they want anyone to see it testing when that begins.
  13. Might have a new one soon. https://x.com/sixflags/status/1770917112317395101?s=46
  14. C’est aussi adorable que previsible. Let’s talk about the video. It’s good. I like it. Exactly what they should be doing to promote Camp Snoopy.
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