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  1. By teasing it in this fashion on social media, the event has to be good.
  2. I was able to get my first taste of the new Good Gravy! coaster at Holiday World. Very detailed. Very well done! https://themeparksbydon.com/my-first-taste-of-good-gravy-at-holiday-world/
  3. Evan Millward was one of the marketing interns at Kings Island in 2008, helping the park execute successful events like Robbie Knievel's motorcycle jump.
  4. I wouldn't put much stock in this survey. Brands do these types of surveys all the time.
  5. Nice video! Looking forward to Camp Snoopy opening.
  6. The Cincinnati Cyclones have been around in one league or another since 1990. I'm a huge hockey fan. I worked for the Cyclones from 1990-1996. I know they exist but because they don't garner much media attention, they're not top of mind for me and others. It's the same situation for the people that live in Sandusky. They know Cedar Point exists, but they need to be reminded of the amusement park. People know Burger King, McDonald's, Wendy's exist in their neighborhood, yet these restaurants spend a lot of money advertising on TV. They know they have to maintain top of mind awareness.
  7. Video made me feel like I was there since my invite got lost in the (e) mail.
  8. Nice video. Fun fact: Good Gravy! has a top speed of 37 mph while Snoopy's Soap Box Racer has a top speed of 36 mph.
  9. The story going into the season is this is the last year for guests to enjoy Kings Island as they know it. If the merger goes through, there will be changes in 2025. If the merger doesn't go through, there will be changes in 2025. It will not be business as usual, because it can't.
  10. The park says Camp Snoopy will open late spring. What does that mean for rides that were integrated into Camp Snoopy, including Franklin's Flyers, Woodstock's Air Rail, and Charlie Brown's Rushing River Log Ride? If they're open with the park on April 20, then only part of Camp Snoopy opens late spring as other parts would be open.
  11. KI since 1972 has always had industry-leading operations. If you think it's really good now, you should have seen it in the 1970's and 1980's. It was a priority back then to fill every train to capacity, pairing up single riders.
  12. "I had nothing to do with it. I was on a cruise with my family when that went down." -- Tales of the Sea
  13. Looks like it warrants a discussion about it on Tower Topics.
  14. I am getting a Gold Season Pass with all of the add-ons. What I have yet to decide is which Cedar Fair Park will get the transaction and be referred to as my "Home" Park.
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