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  1. Never let someone else stomp on your passion! As we both know, until there is a new Comms Director, this issue will never change. For them, it’s always about their insecurities rather than how to best serve the park. They are not a fan of objective views. Hence the fact that a few dozen members of the 200 Follower & Under Club were invited out to the park for a construction tour but you and Chris weren’t. Either one of you reach more than all of those people combined - by a multitude. As what is always said about the park’s guests and fed to a member here by one of the worst in the industry, “It’s as adorable as it is predictable .”
  2. https://sanduskyregister.com/news/517319/cedar-point-blocks-register/ Between one PR guy making an enemy out of the local paper and other making an enemy out of the guys who run the fan site and the 70k+ member season pass group, Ohio sure does have its fair share of winners!
  3. I mean, I’m not pointing the fingers at Kennywood because maybe they just have made this decision, but I do have a little trouble believing that Carowinds and Kings Dominion didn’t know that they were cutting out months of operation before the bulk of the passes were sold.
  4. As I’ve been saying, ALWAYS wait as long as you can to purchase your season pass. Saving a few bucks is not worth buying a product and then find out what it is later. https://www.post-gazette.com/life/recreation/2024/04/23/kennywood-steel-curtain-lawsuit/stories/202404230057?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0BMQABHV-BfRHLv0XyjwTJuKn_JWQJPDm7_hxDAlCXqX28Z_JhODh1yNVitnhV7w_aem_Ac3JOo6YRo-d1qG2BcIXCbIpk8fKoKEPkspw3DCiW9098RRnxhYpVv3RJx8nt8leCsg
  5. I think the reason they aren’t using RFID in the wristbands is that it would increase the cost. Not significantly, but a meaningful amount. For All Season FL, One Time FL, etc it maybe an infrastructure thing. Maybe the app doesn’t support it yet.
  6. Yeah, but in their defense, it’s an unavoidable storm on the horizon. On Friday they ran out of the double stack chicken sandwich, but in their defense, it was tens of thousands of season pass people, with a high percentage having the meal plan, all of which have tried every other item on the menu. I don’t know if there’s a great way to plan for that. I do agree that the Icee thing was a bit of poor planning and poor communication, but from the looks of it, a lot of the issues were corrected throughout the day on Friday or Saturday. Rides went down, lines were long, food portions were inconsistent… but name an opening day where this wasn’t the case. As somebody who was admittingly pessimistic over the past year or so, I was pleasantly surprised.
  7. We were turned away, along with about 3 groups ahead of us. Then Saturday I ran into someone with an orange slushee and asked where they got it. They said the place next to French Corner. Seems like there was a quick policy change.
  8. They got rid of bottled drinks because “people were stealing them” but managed to figure out how to have canned beer for sale.
  9. By “games” they VERY likely mean midway, not arcade, as pictured.
  10. If its two sides like Coney BBQ that would be a terrible waste of money assuming they open both sides as often as they do Coney BBQ, which I’ve maybe seen twice in that building’s history.
  11. https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/kings-island-opening-this-weekend-for-first-season-since-six-flags-merger?fbclid=IwAR0hnITo9o5x4Zo-XfQqjxBiYuEETh0kKvJc5vh2x30kZQNBAOgBhwONqHg_aem_AeuqnkKZSYft3_JVNHJUDzOP8dx3DMN2ufwnseLOSmSQ3UCUsJxmgw8zov1GejM9vus Misleading title (I don’t need to tell you why), 2/3 of the article as about hours and days being cut. Glad we have the real pros controlling the narrative.
  12. I can ask Don to write a blog about it so they can come out with the same content 48 hours later if that helps...
  13. Hello friends - This is an invite to join us for a Kings Island Opening Weekend Kickoff Party! This will be on Tuesday April 16, 2024, at 7:00p ET and will feature a panel of Kings Island super-fans, including KICentral's own IndyGuy4KI! We will be talking about the park, what we are looking forward to in the 2024 season and taking questions from the YouTube chat. We would love for you to join!
  14. I thought about that too, but do you think they have the capacity to revolve this into an unsecured loan? If so, what are your thoughts on the inherent increased rate? Rate will be higher, plus a premium for unsecured. I suppose we’ll find out the truth soon enough, but if you’re right then it leaves a lot of lingering questions.
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