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  1. Price is relatively fair too. Every once in a while you get things that make you think they’re out of their minds (i.e. 50th anniversary banner for $75) but for the most part the price is fair.
  2. Oof… did you get a write up or at least a stern talking to for invading Cedar Point’s territory?
  3. What was Chad blamed for that wasn’t the responsibility of the comms team?
  4. You've seen the future of the KI channels the past five months.
  5. Without knowing what boysenberry tastes like, how would that data be beneficial?
  6. New #TowerTopics We invite Chris from the Kings Island Season Pass Holders and Brad from Kings Island Central to discuss weekend one of #Winterfest: https://linktr.ee/towertopics
  7. It was pretty good! Had a bit of a raspberry taste to it. Worth trying as a one-time thing.
  8. Don: “Check out my latest blog!” KIC: “This is great! Thanks Don!” SP Group: “Very neat! I didn’t know about this!” KI Comms: CTRL + C, CTRL + V
  9. I don’t think the policy is to hire by groups. I think they hired River City because they know the right people, no disrespect - they’re awesome! Go ahead and audition! They will probably need a sax player. What’s the worst that can happen???
  10. I bought the Boysenberry coffee. It ended up being about $18, pre-discount. Very steep, especially since it’s only half of the size of a normal bag of coffee, but I wanted to try it. I’ll report on here how it is.
  11. New in the Sweet Spot! Knott’s Boysenberry stuff!
  12. I didn’t see any problems with other wands being around, but there weren’t many out there. Remember you can “shoot” other wands and they’ll react. I don’t know of any other functionality outside of the park, but the manufacturer, Light Up Toys, advertises it as sort of a turn-key thing, so if they add it elsewhere, your wand may work there.
  13. It’s the coolest thing that’s new for Winterfest this year that the park seemingly doesn’t want you to know about… but we have the scoop! Learn about the all-new interactive Winterfest Wonder Wand in the latest #TowerTopics! Listen or watch: https://linktr.ee/towertopics Edit: Here is the web site of the supplier, for those interested - https://lightuptoys.com
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