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  1. Hurler actually got RMCed this off season. Routine Maintenance by Carowinds. That was their pr person, dont blame me!
  2. My burning question for this season is: What kind of music will be on international street and Rivertown? Unfortunately, due to work, I will not be at the park for a few weeks.
  3. Can they add chicken tenders to any other location? (Satire) I mean The Chicken Shack usually has pretty good chicken, but why are tenders at Grain and Grill? Is it that difficult to get grilled boneless skinless chicken at this location ? Was it because of all the undercooked chicken legs last year? Grain and Grill is supposed to be a healthier option. And what happened to the emphasis on locally sourced food that was a big deal under chef major? Are we back to total reliance on Sysco et al?
  4. I think this topic has been discussed to death. In short, there is no reason to demolish it until there is. So when this part of the park is redeveloped, it will either get upgraded or demolished as part of that budget allocation. Right now it's good for the small events it hosts and WinterFest storage/staging.
  5. For 600 some odd feet of track, it looks like a bigger ride. (Yes, I know this is all boomerangs)
  6. I think a troll would be someone with no skin in the game. You have said that you no longer have passes and your main park was CP, correct? And that you no longer frequent the parks? So you've moved on? When most people have moved in to other things, they don't stay on forums and argue with the majority of posters ad nauseum. This is the only internet specific forum site I'm on, and while you may stick around to ruffle feathers, I'm debating on putting you on "ignore" status or watching what you post for some humor.
  7. I wish we could get some of our originals back from WOF. I believe paramount sold ours to WOF.
  8. But did that horrible nurse practitioner, who may have been under the influence, who's brother was filming on ride and could have caused an injury, who claimed to be a medical doctor, who interfered with EMS, who then claimed she was a trauma nurse, who demanded that EMS give fluids and a medication that would make the injury worse and who blasted out details of this all over social media, violating privacy principles...did she face any repercussion from any regulatory bodies in Ohio?
  9. I think you are making my post into something that I did not intend. I was observing that as a Cincy legacy, Kings Island should have been in there somewhere. As far as the 22 list, I'd have to agree, Larry, that was quite good. Without a drink plan, if you need water on a hot summer day at Kings Island, you're going to be miserable!
  10. I never rode T2 with the OG trains, but I thought the Kumbak trains on T3 were not bad, except the restrictive nature of them as the ride came back to the station.
  11. Hey now, T3 wasn't TERRIBLE! the only issue I had with it was the downward ratchet on the restraint towards the end of the ride
  12. In general, yes it's worth it to me because I'm a casual visitor to Cedar Point, so I want to take advantage of my time in the park. The last time I got FLP, if you were a platinum pass holder, you got FLP at FL price, but I'm sure that will change with the new pass structure. As others have said, the merge point is further back on many coasters, Kings Island has us spoiled.
  13. Not a Cincy local, but it seems like Kings Island should have been somewhere on these lists. https://www.citybeat.com/best-of/2024
  14. So, I wonder how this will work with guests who have "loose articles" such as insulin pumps?
  15. How about an inverted Christmas maze? They could call the Winterfest Wonderland Parade!
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