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  1. Butt even dumber is that I have a bring a friend pass perk. That is WAY more than some little piece of fudge. Has to be the dumbest item for a perk for a lottery for a piece of fudge
  2. What time will the parade start?
  3. So I was excited to see you could get a piece of fudge as a perk as my daughter loves the fudge. Then I read it is a drawing????? WTH? So they cant afford to give you a piece of fudge and have to have a drawing where maybe 1 or 2 people get it?? WOW! What a cost cutting idea
  4. Was at Brewhouse last night and I only drink water so got my dixie cups and got from the tap where the lemonade is located. Well got back to table and took a sip and it was DISGUSTING! Tried both cups and it tasted like dirty water. The color was clear and did not see any floaters but awful. Had others try and all agreed. So got the manager on duty and told him and he said he would let maintenance know. I asked him to try the cup he had poured and did not the first one but did the second. Unfortunately I had turned around but I heard from my son who saw him sip it he looked like he was going to be sick as he spit it out into his cup. Anyone else have water issues at park on 06/28/24?
  5. yeah I mean on the app. I know how to find on line
  6. Is there a way on the app to see how many visits you have made to the park?
  7. Well now April 10 and I called CP and the customer service says they have heard nothing. It is 2 months away and no notice about tickets yet?
  8. I dont see any of the new stuff for this area on the KI App Explore option..... Will they update the App?
  9. They need to bring steak. I hear we have the only one without it.
  10. So I bought 2 Cedar Point President's day tickets at a great price. From what I read the tickets expired on 6/30/24. Well I loaded and pulled up my Cedar Point app and found the tickets on there. However it says they are good thru 09/08/24 and I called Cedar Point to confirm and it is true. So if you got the tickets and want to hold off till later in the season you can.
  11. Have they announced the early ride offering this year for 2024 and when they will be?
  12. We registered and as of Sunday morning ealry it will still let you register so not sold out.
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