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  1. In this video at about at about 8:27 Chad mentions there will be concrete staining done to help distinguish the area:
  2. I also wouldn't rule out Carowinds for 2026 as that will be 7 years since Copperhead Strike. Even though they are rumored to get a clone of Snoopy's Racing Railway next year, but that would be a cheap cookie cutter addition and more a kids addition than the next big thrill coaster addition. Also according to Amusement Insiders (who has been fairly reliable in the past) the big rumor for Wonderland is surprisingly Intamin. Obviously I'll believe it when I see it, but if true and coupled with what Eltororyan said awhile back about CF executives being rumored to have checked out Velocicoaster and was impressed and are looking into potentially doing multiple Intamin LSM projects (again ill believe when I see it), maybe Vortex replacement could be Intamin after all, but obviously not getting my hopes up.
  3. Sadly I street is the same jazz music as the past couple years. When I walked in and heard it, I was pretty mad. I don't understand why they are still keeping the same jazz music. The 50th anniversary was 2 years ago. It's past time to go back to actual classical orchestral pieces. They might as well rename I street to New Orleans Square at this point lol.
  4. While true a lot of big name artists have radius clause contracts with concert promoters like Live Nation basically forbidding them from performing at another venue within a certain amount of distance from a venue owned and/or supported by the concert promoter. In Cincinnati you have Bogarts nearby which is owned by Live Nation and Riverbend is also used by Live Nation. The main thing with SOB is that it was SBNO for a few years before demolition bc the park was figuring out what to do with it and considering all options before deciding to demolish it.
  5. So basically Chicken Shack is going back to how it was before. I believe it used to be setup this way where they had the food out and they put the food on your tray as you ordered the food. Then they changed it to where you ordered your food then they made it in the back and called your number which on busy days was very chaotic bc it would be so loud in there and they didn't have a mic to call out order numbers so they would have to yell out the numbers and it was hard to hear and the orders wouldn't be in order so you could've easily missed your order called. I believe it was 2019 (right before the Covid year) they added self touch order screens in there as well. Also please I hope they bring back the self serve hot sauce dispenser. I don't understand why they took it away. I liked having the hot sauce dispenser to soak my chicken tenders and fries in hot sauce lol.
  6. Its hard to get national acts with there being tons of nicer venues near downtown Cincy. However, what Carowinds is doing is making the concerts free with park admission. If KI were to do another concert series, I predict it would be like Carowinds as I think just making the concerts free with park admission would be a solution. Now, Carowinds' venue is actually fairly similar to Riverbend just without the grass lawn so it is much nicer than Timberwolf and seats more people. So Idk if the same acts that are going to Carowinds would go to Timberwolf too, but I would love to see a Coke sponsored concert series come to KI too.
  7. Timberwolf has played a major part of KI history and at one point was the main venue for big acts coming to the Cincinnati area. However, over the last 2 decades we have seen the venue be used for concerts less and less with more nicer concert venues being built in and around the area with another big venue set to be built where Coney Island used to be. The park tried a concert series for the 50th anniversary in 2022, but from what was observed the venue wasn't even half full for most of the concerts which likely was the reason the park didn't bring them back in 2023. For 2023, the park brought back the Spirit Song festival which was the main event Timberwolf was used for before Covid. However, for some reason Spirit Song isn't planned for this season and there has been no mention of it which is very odd. This brings me to this question, what does the future hold for Timberwolf? As of right now, the only thing likely planned for Timberwolf is using it for the awards ceremonies for Music in the Parks which takes place on weekends in April and May. However, long term I'm not sure keeping Timberwolf, a 10,000 seat venue for just a school music awards ceremony is really needed and would be a waste of space as Timberwolf sits on prime land at the front of the park. In 2021, I believe the park used International Showplace for the awards ceremonies. This leads me to this question. What do you think will happen to Timberwolf this season and beyond? Will the park surpsise us with another round of concerts this season similar to what Carowinds is doing? Will they just use it for Music in the parks then just let it sit there empty the rest of the season? Will it be demolished for new attraction/s in the coming years? Lets speculate below.
  8. Snoopy's Soapbox Racers has started testing! Imo I think it is very likely we may see this thing open around the time of the ACE Spring Conference in May! Maybe the weekend before? Hoping that is the case!
  9. Current wait time for Orion: 47 hours, and 55 minutes lol Also the red headline says 2023 not 2024
  10. @IndyGuy4KI are you planning on making a ride wait times thread for this season like you usually do?
  11. Of course it would lol. I do have a little "history" with him not that I would repeat any of that though. I learned my lesson from all that, but I do really enjoy his coverage of KI and I'm glad he's WCPO's go to guy for KI coverage lol.
  12. John Matarese was there as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2_RK9Oizdg
  13. Some more photos from the article: Also a link to the article that works: https://local12.com/news/local/gallery/kings-islands-camp-snoopy-snoopys-soap-box-racers-cincinnati-derby-club-kids-join-unveiling-cars-mason-latest-coaster-adrenaline-track-thrill-seekers-updates-reveal-late-spring-visit-shaded-play-space-beagle-scout-acres-season?photo=11
  14. One is just a throwback photo for long time KI fans who remember the old Enchanted Voyage The second one if I were to take a guess is the train for Snoopy's Soapbox Racers which is Vekoma. Plus they said in a construction update awhile back they expect the train to arrive any day.
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