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  1. You compared SSBR's track length to Good Gravy's total ride length (factoring that it traverses the layout twice since it's a boomerang). If you look at SSBR on Kings Island's website, it says it traverses around 1400ft of track. Granted SSBR is still shorter, it's only a difference of about 100ft or so of track.
  2. I'm not a fan of the name "Thunder Striker". The name just sounds clunky to me and I'm not a fan of Cedar Fair putting the words "Strike" or "Striker" in their coaster names, especially with Copperhead Strike already being in the same park. Assuming Project 305 is just a placeholder, I'm hoping at least I305's new theme fits in with Jungle X-Pedition, maybe theme it to a lion or some sort of jungle cat.
  3. The track length is only 672ft, so it's no surprise they got the track work done so quickly. I think Good Gravy only took a few days to complete track work as well.
  4. It was just done yesterday... Also the fact they removed "Hurricane Bay" from the logo could mean something.
  5. Something interesting to note is that Kentucky Kingdom changed their profile picture on facebook yesterday. It now says "Kentucky Kingdom Theme & Water Park" instead of the normal "Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay".
  6. I never got to ride it when it still had the loop. I got one ride in 2008 and that was more than enough. It's still easily the worst coaster I've ever ridden.
  7. There was a proposal to bring a Frontier-themed amusement park named "Frontier Worlds" to Boone County around 1968, which would have been around the same time Taft was planning to build Kings Island. Taft probably didn't want to build Kings Island in Northern Kentucky if Frontier Worlds was ever to be built there (spoiler: it wasn't) As a Boone County resident, it would've been nice to have Kings Island or any other amusement park right in my backyard, but having one of the best amusement parks in the country not even a full hour away is fine too. https://cbc.bcplhistory.org/doku.php?id=frontier_worlds
  8. I got this email this morning. Seems like Kings Island is getting ready to roll out their new app. It should be the same style of app that Cedar Point just got and will likely be rolled out throughout the entire Cedar Fair chain.
  9. PETA loves stirring up controversy over the most minute things. Just don't give them attention.
  10. Rivertown currently has four coasters (Diamondback, Mystic Timbers, The Beast, Backlot) I think the main issue with Rivertown is that it doesn't offer much outside of those four coasters besides WWC and the train. I think what Rivertown needs is a new flat ride or two to better round out that section of the park. Right now, the only coaster that's present in Coney Mall (unless you want to count Area 72 as a part of Coney Mall) is The Racer, so I think whatever goes in The Vortex plot should be a Coney Mall addition to give that area a second coaster.
  11. They might be referring to the partial derailment that happened back in 2022.
  12. I mean, the purple kind of made sense when it was originally themed to Danny Phantom, but they didn't really change it much when they rethemed it to Linus Launchers.
  13. Congo Falls back to Amazon Falls, maybe have it sponsored by Amazon Prime once the merger goes through. (I'm kidding) On a more serious note, Drop Tower to Demon Drop. Not original, I know, but it's still better than just calling it Drop Tower. It would also help tie-in with the other "spooky"-themed rides in that area like Banshee and The Bat.
  14. That would be great. However, we're talking about the same company (Cedar Fair) that renamed Jr. Gemini to Wilderness Run.
  15. Considering that 2024 will mark ten years since the addition of Banshee (my, how time flies), Action Zone is definitely overdue for some sort of new addition within the next few years. With this in-mind, I think Invertigo will most likely be the next coaster removed from Kings Island's lineup to make room for something new around the front of the park. It's a rare cloned coaster model from the Paramount era that isn't really popular and also has low capacity for the type of park that it's in. Although I personally don't want to admit it, The Bat could also be at-risk as well since it's an Arrow Suspended, though I'd like to be wrong about this since I really like The Bat. If Cedar Fair needs to remove one of their Arrow Suspended coasters to use for spare parts, I would much rather see them cut out Iron Dragon from Cedar Point instead, though that's just my opinion.
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