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  1. Given that RMC has started to build ground-up Ibox coasters and doesn't even list Topper Track on their site anymore, I highly doubt we're going to see any more Topper Track RMCs built anytime soon. If Kings Island decides to build an RMC (and that's a big if), it will most likely end up being a ground-up Ibox similar to Zadra or Arieforce One. I've heard that Arieforce has a structure that's entirely made of steel, so maybe that would help alleviate any potential structural issues that could be an issue like it's been with Steel Vengeance. Again, I would still bet on something like a B&M or Vekoma being our next coaster, but it would be interesting to see Cedar Fair work with RMC again despite the issues they've had with them. (If what I've heard about a specific Cedar Fair 2025 project ends up being true, then maybe this idea won't be as far-fetched as we think)
  2. I saw this photo taken from the Kings Island Season Passholders facebook page. It seems the Wolf Pack sign got removed.
  3. From what I've heard online, it seems the issues with Steel Curtain stem from the support structure not being adequate enough. I cannot confirm this though, as I am not a ride engineer.
  4. It could also be a state thing. Looking at Cedar Point's webcams, they don't show TT2.
  5. Didn't Orion's webcam go off as well when they started testing it back in early 2020?
  6. Other things to note about this Rapid River Water Battle, which is speculated to be a Zamperla Water Fight New Camp Fire theater Snoopy's Junction being relocated in-between Woodstock Express and Thunder Striker (Formerly Intimidator) Two new splash pads A new Meet & Greet Refurbishment of the Family Care Center It's also worth noting that these plans may not be finalized, so it could be slightly different from the final product. I bring this up because the plans that were posted for Aeronautica Landing had Southern Star on it, despite it getting removed.
  7. That, or they could have renamed Drop Zone to Demon Drop. I get that's more so a nod to Cedar Point, but it's still better than what we have currently with Drop Tower.
  8. I could be wrong, but if the renderings are accurate, it seems the tube slides will be placed where the wave pool is.
  9. The live stream just started, looks like Kentucky Kingdom is doing a holiday event this year similar to Winterfest.
  10. You compared SSBR's track length to Good Gravy's total ride length (factoring that it traverses the layout twice since it's a boomerang). If you look at SSBR on Kings Island's website, it says it traverses around 1400ft of track. Granted SSBR is still shorter, it's only a difference of about 100ft or so of track.
  11. I'm not a fan of the name "Thunder Striker". The name just sounds clunky to me and I'm not a fan of Cedar Fair putting the words "Strike" or "Striker" in their coaster names, especially with Copperhead Strike already being in the same park. Assuming Project 305 is just a placeholder, I'm hoping at least I305's new theme fits in with Jungle X-Pedition, maybe theme it to a lion or some sort of jungle cat.
  12. The track length is only 672ft, so it's no surprise they got the track work done so quickly. I think Good Gravy only took a few days to complete track work as well.
  13. It was just done yesterday... Also the fact they removed "Hurricane Bay" from the logo could mean something.
  14. Something interesting to note is that Kentucky Kingdom changed their profile picture on facebook yesterday. It now says "Kentucky Kingdom Theme & Water Park" instead of the normal "Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay".
  15. I never got to ride it when it still had the loop. I got one ride in 2008 and that was more than enough. It's still easily the worst coaster I've ever ridden.
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