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  1. For what it's worth, The Project 305 sign has a leopard pattern on it. If that's a tease for the final retheme of I305/P305, then it will likely have a leopard or other exotic cat theme. For Flight of Fear, perhaps they could just incorporate it into Jungle Xpedition by having it be a military base in the jungle? Yeah it's tacked on, but having to retheme the inside of FoF would have to be a huge undertaking and I doubt KD would want to go through with that.
  2. It's important to note that Invertigo is, in my opinion, the coaster that's at the most-risk of getting removed at Kings Island within the next several years. It's a coaster that isn't really that popular, low capacity and is only one of three Invertigo models still left in operation. (excluding giant inverted boomerangs) I think it's inevitable that Invertigo is probably going to be removed within the next 5-10 years. However, I would at least prefer it if they kept it around at least until Vortex's replacement comes in, that way we won't have two vacant coaster plots in the park. Unfortunately, if Kings Island's maintenance team continues to have difficulties getting Invertigo up and running, they might have to make the decision to remove it sooner rather than later. It's unfortunate, but that's how things are when it comes to stuff like this.
  3. The supports on Possessed are more blue though, same goes for Steel Venom.
  4. Funny thing I noticed is that on the video they play on the front page, they show Wicked Twister which has been defunct for years now. You can tell it's Wicked Twister because of the green supports.
  5. In addition, just look at how Mystic Timbers was designed to intertwine with White Water Canyon.
  6. Cedar Point's street view is stuck in 2011 as well. From this one shot, you can spot four different defunct attractions.
  7. I guess we'll see what their new season pass structure is going to look like next month when the 2025 season passes start to go on sale.
  8. In the initial press release for the merger, this was stated: "The combined company will also have entertainment partnerships and a portfolio of beloved IP such as Looney Tunes, DC Comics and PEANUTS to develop engaging new attractions enabled by compelling characters, environments, and storytelling." Perhaps there's a reason they didn't include DC and Looney Tunes on there? If the new Six Flags decided to end their licensing with DC and Looney Tunes, having to retheme every single attraction and area that use those IPs would be a huge project in and of itself given how much old Six Flags used them in their parks.
  9. I guess it's a good sign they're still using the Cedar Fair font for the logo?
  10. To add to this, Orion and Millennium force have the same exact height for the first drop. (300ft)
  11. For me it's a really close call between the two, but I'm going to say Millennium Force due to the additional length and the view you get right next to the lake.
  12. Roblox is a collection of different games and metaverses that anybody can publish, not just companies. The pictures that they posted was from a game that was made by a fan unaffiliated with the Six Flags corporation. This is what the entrance looks like on the official Six Flags metaverse. If you search up "Six Flags" on Roblox, you'll come across dozens of different games that were made by fans and only one that was made by the company itself. I wanted to bring this up because the official game doesn't have any rides or references to any of the Cedar Fair parks, so no Copperhead Strike. Though interestingly, it did tease a repaint for Nitro, which bares a very familiar color scheme to a certain coaster...
  13. Those screenshots aren't from the official Six Flags metaverse. The official one only has Nitro (SFGAdv), Titan (SFOT) and Raging Bull (SFGAm).
  14. Going by the blueprints, it shows it's going in the Pipeline Paradise plot.
  15. So far, track has been installed for the brake run and station. Also, I'd like to add that seeing a B&M being installed next to Flight of Fear like this really takes me back to Orion's construction.
  16. Someone said they saw the person lying down near the end of the ride. If I had to guess, it was probably around the second vertical loop.
  17. A similar thing happened with Raptor at Cedar Point a while back where somebody entered a restricted zone and was killed when a train went by. I really hope this doesn't end up being a repeat of that and the person involved makes it out okay.
  18. To be fair, there were legitimate reasons behind the 2023 and 2024 additions not being ready for opening day. Mike Koontz stated in an interview for Adventure Port that Cargo Loco and Sol Spin were planned very late, hence why Adventure Port was announced later than usual and why the parts for those rides weren't delivered until around the start of the 2023 season. As for 2024, Vekoma promised Holiday World that Good Gravy was going to be the first Family Boomerang to open in the states, so their priority was getting Good Gravy open before SSBR.
  19. The Flash: Vertical Velocity at Great Adventure has already been announced to have a 48" height requirement. In addition: Lech Coaster, Fonix, Formula, and Abyssus all have a minimum height requirement of 120cm. (approximately 47 inches) It seems like 48" is the standard height requirement for modern Vekoma thrill coasters.
  20. I think Vekoma would be a great candidate for our next coaster. Their newer coasters in Europe and Asia look great and it seems they're one of the only manufacturers out there that can rival B&M in terms of reliability and smoothness. Given that Kings Island is a park that likes to play it safe with their coaster additions (under Cedar Fair), I think Vekoma is a no-brainer unless they go with another B&M.
  21. I always thought it was a huge missed opportunity that they didn't retheme Invertigo to Screamin' Demon. I think whatever goes in The Vortex plot could at least pay some sort of homage to Vortex. Regardless of how people thought about the roughness of the ride, it was still one of the more iconic coasters of the park. Not saying I want a Vortex 2, but it would be nice to see Vortex incorporated somewhere in the theme of the new ride, or the color scheme being orange and blue.
  22. I screenshot my pass in case I can't get into the app
  23. iPhone users have reported issues with their passes not showing up on Cedar Fair apps after a recent iOS update. Did you update your phone recently?
  24. This goes for parks in the same chain as well. Just because Cedar Point was willing to bite the bullet on having Zamperla redo Top Thrill Dragster doesn't mean Kings Island would invest in something nearly that risky. Kings Island (under Cedar Fair) has mainly played it safe when it comes to new coaster additions with three B&Ms, a GCI, and a Vekoma Family Boomerang, all models that have been proven to be safe and reliable.
  25. Weird. So someone needs to update the webpage then.
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