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  1. Yelling is when you are positing in a message in all caps. I was actually responded with a clueless look on my face. I am a man who loves to save money and knows common sense. So do you plan on visiting HW too? Your visit just sounds fishy. You travel to Louisville from DC just to go to Kentucky Kingdom? While Holiday World just opens Thunderbird?
  2. Your visiting Kentucky Kingdom today, when the rain is pouring. T2 is closed as well as several other new attractions. Going today IMO is just ignorant and a waste of money. I really don't understand why you would but a general daily admission ticket at the gate. Why not get a pass and visit today and in the summer when the park is in full operation? But that is just my opinion. General Admission: $49.99 + $8 parking Season Pass: $79.99 + Free Parking + Unlimited Visits + Discounted Food + Dollar Drinks
  3. Why not just buy a season pass? FYI most parks in our region are dead today.
  4. When you have a goal, you got to have a plan. I am sure we will find out soon.
  5. Kentucky Kingdom made a public announcement in September of there major newest additions. Through the off season they decided to add two new family rides and a new movie in the 5D theatre. I do not understand why you guys are having a fit about this. That news interview posted in this thread earlier was just an interview for a local morning show in Louisville. The park has also went to other stations to share the news of the new rides and the parks opening date. What is the big deal?
  6. FYI Sky Catcher is a fixed attraction. It is not a portable attraction. There is only one other fixed Vertigo attraction from ARM rides. It was installed last year. Here it is below
  7. I would assume there is a lengthy contract. When Six Flags closed Kentucky Kingdom, I remember the local news stating the midway operator has to supply more rides. I would assume the state pays for everything.
  8. North American Midway has been apart of the state fair since about 2006. Before NAM their was Cumberland Valley Shows. NAM is way better than CVS but NAM mainly has duplicates of the same attractions and the have the same rides every year which gets old.
  9. Why didn't you bring it up with those people higher than your manager? No disrespect, but in order to get what you want out of life you have to speak up right when you come across a problem not matter how small it is at the time. I am not saying you didn't speak up, but it seems as though there was a train line of events that leaded you to walk away. Every job isn't the greatest, I am sure an amusement park that has just reopened for the first time in 5 years with a whole new staff wouldn't be great. When someone or anybody makes a mistake, whether it is you, your job, whoever, you build and improve on the flaw, which is maturity. Not speaking up will eventually take you on the wrong road driving you away from your dreams.
  10. What do you all think the two additional attractions will be?
  11. I was on 65 one day heading south in Louisville and seen a billboard ad for a Cedar Fair park. I think it was for World of Fun or Dorney Park. I am sure it was a mistake. The ad was about a mile or two away from Kentucky Kingdom.
  12. I believe I have seen a couple of commercials in Lexington. I am sure passes where sold in Lexington last summer but I did not see heavy advertisement in Lexington compared to what was advertised in Louisville/Southern Indiana
  13. I am very optimistic. The question is do outsiders know that Kentucky Kingdom has reopen? Most of you guys have stated that you have seen nothing about Kentucky Kingdom last summer in your areas in terms of advertising etc. The park has already stated that they have not marketed outside the boundaries of the Louisville area. I remember when I was at the sea lion show at the park last summer an instructor asked the crowd who was outside of the Louisville area. No one had raised their hand to her question. If it is true that outsiders have no idea of the parks reopening, the park should be in good standing. I doubt the Louisville crowd will back away from the park. I cant tell you all how many people in Louisville have stated they will wait to see how the first year of operations will go since it has been closed so long.Think about it, a commercial to untouched markets by the kingdom of our countries tallest body slide, along with many new attractions from last season (including the sea lions), on top of the 7/4 additions this upcoming season. I dont expect the park to hit 1 million in attendance until a significant ride is added. But the park is expanding fast, and I bet that attraction is coming soon
  14. Starting pay this past season was $8.50....those employees who come back in 2015 will be getting paid $9.00 according to some article I read back in September
  15. A local news station made did a story about this and posted the news on facebook. There was at least 200 comments on that facebook posting and each commented said straight up that the fair was too expensive. Someone also said it is just cheaper to go to either Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World then the fair. In my opinion the fair is the same thing every year and nothing new are changes occur. The same set up, same rides, its just boring and it is expensive.
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