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  1. I don't want to delve into politics, but you can't shield kids from reality. Looney Tunes are good fun, but people like Elmer Fudd, trying to hunt the rabbit indeed exist. Just as Sylvester wanting to eat Tweety. In reality, hunters do exist, and there are predators and prey. Trying to shield kids from the world is a dumb proposition, and obviously doesn't seem to be working. I mean back when Bugs & Tweety aired, you didn't see kids committing mass shootings did you? As someone else said regarding Peanuts, how often do you really see them other than that Christmas special? Wonderland has a ride themed after the Halloween special because that's kind of the relevance they have, only specials.
  2. Which Space Jam are we talking about? That newer one or the one I grew up with Michael Jordan in 1996. As for the Big Three, I honestly didn't know who Wonder Woman was growing up, and I still don't know what her superpower is. Batman took a dark turn since 1989, I mean that animated series that starts with a bank robbery in the intro was a show I didn't like much as a kid for its darkness. Superman has always seemed lame to be honest, this is in contrast to Spider-Man or the X-Men. I mean seriously, Halloween was 2 nights ago, how many Batmen or Supermen showed up at your door, compared to how many Spider-Men. That should settle it right there.
  3. That arguably happened because the Looney Tunes were not as easily accessible as they once were thanks to Federal Government regulations on Children's Programming known as E/I. In a nut shell, E/I was the main reason why the Saturday Morning Cartoon blocks disappeared. So eliminate the ease of seeing the Looney Tunes on TV, and there you have it, kids don't know who the Looney Tunes are anymore. The Looney Tunes were seen every weekend for over 40 years on ABC up until 2002 in the many variants of the show that ultimately came to be known as "Bugs and Tweety" in its final years. On top of that, in the 90s in those before and after school blocks on WB Network, one of the shows shown was "Merrie Melodies" which showed 3 shorts in a half hour. In Canada, Global TV showed "Bugs and Tweety" at 5pm on Saturdays, I'm not sure if I agree that Peanuts is a stronger IP than Looney Tunes, I always see them as even nowadays. If the Looney Tunes are dated, does this mean the classic shorts made over at Disney, starring the character we all know are dated as well. Think about it, just hearing the word "Disney" makes you think of a certain character does it not?
  4. Since this appears to be a merger, it would be good if the parks could remain belonging to their family. When I was very young, Costco and The Price Club merged, and suddenly you could use your Costco membership at Price Club. What’s important is that for at least 5 years there was a separate brand of Costco and a separate brand of Price Club. I presume when it comes to IP and overall feel to the parks that most of that would most likely remain the same. Retheming is expensive, and pointless for the little theming rides have in the first place. Maybe 20 years ago, the Looney Tunes were a stronger brand than Peanuts, but I’m presuming most kids nowadays are kind of clueless about Looney Tunes. If I recall, ABC stopped showing Bugs and Tweety way back in 2002. Furthermore, Saturday morning cartoons and my personal nostalgic favourite, the before and after school programming blocks on FOX and WB (also there was Global TV here in Canada) Detective Comics, they’ve been has beens pretty much since the 90s when the X Men cartoon first aired and Marvel became an unstoppable force.
  5. Remember, the LA area also has: Dodgers and Angels (MLB) Kings and Ducks (NHL) Lakers and Clippers (NBA) Rams and Chargers (NFL) Having the two theme parks still there shouldn't be an issue. I think the key there is to make the two parks distinct, as Snoopy should stay at Knotts for example.
  6. It would be extremely foolish to rename Kings Island or Canada’s Wonderland for example. While Six Flags over Toronto may sound cool, the park has been known as Canada’s Wonderland in some form throughout its 40 year history. Same goes with Kings Island. (There’s also the civic nonsense involved here saying that Wonderland isn’t technically in Toronto so it shouldn’t be called that) If they were stupid enough to rename it, the vast majority of guests would refer to it by its original name. Kind of like the Skydome, Rogers bought the building and arrogantly renamed it Rogers Centre in 2005, but almost no one refers to it by that name except the media. Even during the days of “Paramount Canada’s Wonderland”, most still referred to it as Wonderland or Canada’s Wonderland. Thinking of the park as “Paramount” almost never happened.
  7. I was thinking of it (in case Kings Island could entertain the idea) of it being an overflow lot to watch tennis. A pedestrian bridge isn’t that far off of an idea, not far from me, a pedestrian bridge was built to connect a parking garage to Pickering GO Station which crosses over the mammoth Highway 401’s 16 lanes of traffic! What I was thinking was something like this which can serve as an overflow for the Cincy Open from Kings Island’s parking lot.
  8. Let me guess, were you inspired by that wacky proposal to link Wonderland to the Toronto subway system using a gondola system? Wouldn’t a simple pedestrian overpass from the parking lot be a better option? It could arguably move people a lot quicker than the gondola could. You might find this weird, but Toronto and Cincy do have a fair amount of things in common, like how we have the tennis tournament before you guys, and our tennis venue isn’t that far from the theme park relatively speaking.
  9. Around this very time, we were into the infamous 2003 Blackout. I was at Wonderland when it happened enjoying a funnel cake when I noticed all the rides weren’t working. Obviously Kings Island wasn’t out that day, but I think Cedar Point was out, if anyone has any recollection of that day up there it’d be nice to hear.
  10. As what's been said before, using Wonder Mountain as this kind of blast coaster is incredibly cheesy. I think the concert coaster concept pays homage to glory days back at Kingswood, which was the main Toronto concert venue up to around 1995, is the best idea honestly. But then I'm a guy who likes when throwbacks to history are made.
  11. Wonderland lately has been putting the "Canada" into Canada's Wonderland, while I am lukewarm in this whole thing. Such as Wonderland having basically a 100% Cancon (Canadian Content) playlist. There's one thing about the concert coaster that caught my eyes. Building that where Kingswood once stood is literally a no brainer for where the concert themed coaster would go. At the very least, if a coaster is not built in that space, that area should be themed around concerts and music in general. It would be nice to see a tribute to Kim Mitchell, who had a minor hit with "Go For Soda" in the US, as he literally wrote a song about Kingswood called "Rocklandwonderland" (If anyone could shrink this link, help me out) It may sound lame, but would be cool for Wonderland to return the payback and somehow name something "Rockland" with the concert coaster idea.
  12. As of this writing, I’ve not received an email regarding a survey for this ride. Kingswood Music Theatre is being slowly dismantled, parts of the roof have been removed and it’s definitely on its way out. As for WMG, I’m not sure if that ride is a failure or not, I could easily say it was a bust in the long run mainly because of its huge advertising but lukewarm response from riders. Unlike what’s happened with Leviathan or Yukon Striker.
  13. At best, something like that would be a commuter rail system. It wouldn't be like a subway system with the huge distance between stops. You wouldn't get rapid transit level of service here so it shouldn't be referred to as a "metro system". This is something more in line with the Paris RER, which as I said does reach Disneyland Paris, but the service levels, while good for a commuter rail, don't approach the level of metro service. A train leaves the station that serves Disneyland Paris (it's a terminus station) every 15 minutes. You aren't going to get that kind of service pattern in Cincinnati, it's just not going to happen. As for this gondola idea, it was never a serious idea sadly, and that is it with that.
  14. I should also mention, that I basically grew up in the park so to speak. I remember going to Hanna-Barbara Land since the early 1990s, and remember eventually going on all the more serious rides as I got older, although I was a coward at first. Basically, I know quite a lot about Wonderland history. Some parts of the park today look to be in bad shape in my opinion, and that's the areas traditionally known as International Festival and Grande Worlde Expo. While it was true that Paramount basically killed the theming in World Expo, they did however keep all the buildings occupied. The Moroccan building used to house a clothing shop for many years under the Paramount days and beyond, this year, that building is abandoned. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, this is the same building where one checks in to ride the Xtreme Skyflyer. The presentation of the midway games just seems kind of run down in this area, I just can't describe it. International Festival, same as before, just the way the games are set up makes me cringe. How one such building instead of it being a midway game is a mini convenience store of sorts. In the main "square" of International Festival there is almost no action, the huge "hi-striker" is gone. And what was the recording studio back in the 1990 and 20-aughts is now a Multi-Faith Prayer Space. I'm not saying that having this space is bad, but it should be located more closer to a bathroom in my opinion, and not in like a main midway area. If anyone has visited, I'm sure they will know what I'm talking about.
  15. First I heard of that thing about getting a free water. Every bathroom has water fountains to my knowledge outside of it, so I guess the better option would be to bring your own cup into the park and refill with water as you need it from the water fountains. Jokey’s Jalopies….it’s just an antique car ride on a track, but apparently, does the guest have an element of control with the cars at Kings Island? Wonder Mountain’s Guardian, I’ve always thought that ride was kind of a bust, and yes I have ridden it myself before. The ending of that ride when you don’t know about it is something you can only get away with once. I noticed you got the Ghoster Coaster in, you should have also got the brand new Snoopy’s Racing Railway in as well, on Thursday, my nephew went on that ride 4 times straight. As for Time Warp, that was originally called Tomb Raider and even 20 years later I’m still bitter about that ride. We lost our Eyerly Monster and Mack Sea Storm to put that in.
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