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  1. Very unfortunate chain of events. This park is plagued by the fact that it's in a smaller community with larger parks nearby and the fact that it just doesn't have much going for it at all. I personally think that they need to review their operating system. For example, could they do something similar to stickers grove in Ross, OH? Only be open for private events and maybe a few holidays? Coaster enthusiasts obviously want the leap the dips credit but if it wasn't for having the world's oldest rollercoaster, this park would have closed long ago. I'm very thankful to have gotten the credits in 2022 on both leap the dips and skyliner. Skyliner is actually a pretty good wooden coaster for its age and size.
  2. Looks amazing! So glad to be a part of the Kings Island fan community. We have something there that no other amusement park has to my knowledge. A strong fan base that loves this park and loves the attractions both current and defunct that have operated here over the many years. KICentral is a way not only to learn about and discuss the park but also to connect with fellow amusement park fans who all have one thing in common - we love Kings Island and the amusement park industry!
  3. I was wondering why there's not really any merch for Top Gun/Flight Deck/The Bat? Found pictures of this shirt online but don't see it for sale anywhere unfortunately. Flight Deck is what it always was when I was a kid and that is a really cool T-shirt design!
  4. I'm kinda afraid of the regular que when this thing opens....
  5. I'm with you 100% that when rides are removed a replacement needs to already be in the works. Unfortunately I think the pandemic scratched any plans they had for The Vortex plot and at this point people have just accepted the fact there's nothing there and probably won't be for a few more years
  6. Not a huge fan of the name changes with the exception of Franklin Flyers (that one was good) We will now have Woodstock Express and Woodstock Air Rail (two Woodstock coasters...hmmm ok) and there was nothing wrong with the log flume name in relation to the area in my opinion
  7. The Runaway Mine Train at SFOT, the Dahlonega Mine Train at SFOG, and Big Bad John at Magic Springs all have 3 lifts. As mentioned already The River King Mine Train at SFSL has 3 lifts as does Big Thunder Mountain at Disney World and Disneyland. So not totally uncommon for an Arrow mine train
  8. How about we swap Delirium to Six Flags St Louis for the Colossus (giant ferris wheel)?
  9. Few rides who's days are numbered.... 1. Boo Blaster: ride was in worse shape than I've ever seen it this past season. Maybe Phantom Theater revamp or something original. They won't take this out until they are ready to replace it. 2. Invertigo: Banshee has sort of taken the spot for inverted looper in the park's lineup and Invertigo is a rare vekoma model that eventually the park will not want to invest in (much like Firehawk) 3. Congo Falls: enough said it's been circling the ride cemetery for years. Possibly it and Invertigo leave at the same time with possible Timberwolf removal 4. The Bat: Hard to say how long a lifespan it will have but eventually I think it'll suffer the same fate as Vortex and due to the poor location it may not be replaced by anything. Is it going away tomorrow? No but do you think it will be there after 2030? I'm not sure if it'll last that long. Hopefully because I love that ride! 5. White Water Canyon: so this is random I know but has anyone noticed a trend of parks removing their river rapids rides? Carowinds, Holiday World, etc.... I think maybe it's a possibility that one day WWC will be filled in
  10. My opinion is that yes ACE coaster landmark arrows such as the Matterhorn, Magnum, Loch Ness Monster, etc are prime candidates for re-tracking and restoration. The commonplace arrow is toast if it "reaches the end of its service life". There's a lot that goes into the lifespan of a coaster. The Matterhorn is older than many wooden coasters and the Runaway Mine Train at SFOT is still going strong. So some arrows may have many many years left in them. The "best" ones unfortunately also probably have shorter lifespans because of higher speed and forces and stress on the parts. I honestly fear for the Arrow suspended coasters seeing as none of them are recognized by ACE and there's only a handful left. Of course I have my preferences but at this point I don't care which park keeps their arrow suspended coaster, I just want one park to step up and make a big investment in preserving one
  11. Can anyone tell me how Pipeline compares to Riddler's Revenge at SFMM? I mean Pipeline looks cool and I'm totally onboard with the revival of the standup design but Riddler is absolutely amazing - long layout with 6 inversions...it's just hard for me to see Pipeline being able to top that
  12. Merry Christmas and to all a good night!
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