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  1. 1. That sequel never happened. 2. That name has other meanings not exactly good for an amusement park.
  2. There's a more comfortable coaster in the park that does it better IMO, its called Storm Runner.
  3. ^My leg muscles are built tight so I usually route stand up coasters early on park visits on parks that have them, and I do the same thing with Skyrush.
  4. ^And then set it to every KIC error page including when the site goes down. EDIT: I'm still getting used to the new logo when it comes to tabs. I keep accidentally closing the KIC page thinking its an extra/unwanted page or something.
  5. We've been lucky with ours in terms of down time. Most of the others have been bad at down time, both the normal Invertigo models and the Giant Inverted Boomerangs. I remember several news stories about the CGA and SFA versions being stuck with riders and it drew a lot of negative attention among normal guests.
  6. I think Vortex is slightly underrated. Its not that big which means it won't wear out as quickly as bigger steel coasters and honestly its pretty comfy for a stand up IMO.
  7. Its more like Banshee's trains attached to Dominator.
  8. From following Carowinds' own FB as well as their fanbase, RMC means Routine Maintenance from Carowinds. They've been doing in-house retracking on Hurler and I'm guessing they're cleverly squashing actual RMC rumors. I can't find it anymore, but I think they're also reverting Vortex back to red and black.
  9. Maybe KIC will be issuing scratch off cards with the old logo that gets removed to the new one.
  10. Kentucky Kingdom is cooking up something on March 7th. Facebook
  11. I wonder why when most other wood coasters get rough, even among their most die hard fanbases, they were just bad rides, but for some reason, SOB got a free pass for being rough among its die hard fans. Also, the OG poster wasn't far off from the truth.
  12. Racer getting more track work is also nice.
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