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  1. I feel at this rate with enough Don blog pre-empting of KI PR to respond that we could get KI enthusiasts/KIC members to pick The Vortex replacement.
  2. ^That might be too high a bar honestly for the current PR regime.
  3. For me, pretty much any sort of positive G would staple me with the restraint design. Honestly, I'd rather of had the original Vekoma stock as I'm more used to bracing with them having ridden Invertigo a lot. If Vekoma could put the vest restraints they've been adding to their sit down looping coasters/Boomerangs (see Hershey's and Carowinds' Boomerangs) to their SLC stock, then we'd have a winner. I actually like the SLC cloned layout, I think Thunderhawk at MIA is actually pretty good, and that's despite it being relocated.
  4. Well, the original T-hawk would get far more riders as Thunderhawk is far superior to T3.
  5. Did I see it correctly somewhere that T3 is getting dismantled in a way where its possibly being relocated? I forget where I saw photos, but the track pieces looked good enough to rebuild somewhere.
  6. So KI had went live on FB briefly showing Diamondback testing....literally minutes after the eclipse, when it couldn't have had less people care about it.
  7. It was a few years ago, but SFGAdv also used similar loose article policies for a few of their coasters (I think it was El Toro, Joker and Kingda Ka). They essentially had guests at the queue entrance flip all their pockets.
  8. The same thing happens with Microsoft Edge BTW.
  9. They honestly look like shots that were taken from an average enthusiast, and the lack of people around the station raises eyebrows, not to mention they didn't showcase the test run (unless that's a clearance pull through).
  10. ^I can sort of relate to that. After riding Fury 325 as well as being able to compare Orion with Millennium Force fairly close together last season, I definitely prefer the MF/Fury type ride where there are moments you get to appreciate going that fast in combination with larger elements, which is something I like with coasters going 90+ mph. Orion, to me, is just an upscaled Diamondback, and I like DB better. I do prefer Orion to I-305 though.
  11. Meh, it had a bit of a vibration as TTD even when it was new. I'm not that concerned about it. Kingda Ka's vibration is worse. EDIT: Here is a POV when it was new, vibration and all.
  12. I remember watching Mystic Timbers test while the webcams were on.
  13. I appreciate the offers for help. However, I'm content with just sitting out this season and getting a pass next year. I don't mind taking a break in all actuality. Once I get back working, I do want use this hiatus to save money this year in not going so I can maybe do something nicer next summer, plus I'm saving money to eventually start getting into recording sax covers of songs, and I want to get some basic sound and recording equipment.
  14. Well, even if I had a pass, gas money would add up. I'm in Delhi on the west side of Cincy and a good 45 minutes from KI, either via I-71 or occasionally I-275 and I-71.
  15. Had medical issues, that, while they weren't bad for my physically as I first feared, I've been taking it hard mentally which made me worry about what work I could do and had to adjust. I'm mostly through it now but finding work I want/can do hasn't been fruitful recently, though.
  16. I've been to MIA twice, both in conjunction with CP trips. MIA is over 4 hours from Sandusky. Also make sure you use I-96 and not I-69, it can be easy to confuse the two, especially coming back from Muskegon. If you've never been, I'd go just to experience MIA. Its nice for what it is, though, Shivering Timbers was a jackhammer machine last season. I'm not sure if they've continued re-tracking it, but its in dire need of TLC for about 4K of its mile long track. Wolverine Wildcat was running really well at least, and Corkscrew and Thunderhawk are decent. Decent supporting ride selection as well. Food leaves a lot to be desired, both in the park and in Muskegon in general, and 0 live entertainment. There also isn't much to Muskegon besides the Lake Michigan beaches. If I were you and if possible, I'd do MIA before any bigger parks as you may get spoiled by the bigger, better parks which can taint your MIA experience, especially if Timbers isn't running well. Also, if you're looking for another park in that vicinity, Waldameer is slightly closer to Sandusky and Ravine Flyer II was running excellently last season. And if you do Waldameer, do not pass up Sara's diner just outside the park. As for me, I'm not even doing KI this season due to money issues, but I have a few trips I've had on the back burner that I want to do eventually. One is a Missouri trip for SDC, SFStL and WoF with a likely stay in St Louis to see the Reds play there. I've also been wanting to do a Canadian trip with Canada's Wonderland and La Ronde.
  17. Kinda falls flat in a thread involving the park that has free parking, beverages, and sunscreen on normal admissions.
  18. ^And celebrating Thunderhawk's 100th anniversary.
  19. Almost similar to the 2003 Italian Job Mini paint jobs.
  20. Hope they have a good method of de-icing the bridge.
  21. I'm curious what happens at Six Flags if this doesn't go through. By some things I've read and heard, they're kind of up s*** creek without a paddle.
  22. 1. That sequel never happened. 2. That name has other meanings not exactly good for an amusement park.
  23. There's a more comfortable coaster in the park that does it better IMO, its called Storm Runner.
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