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  1. The last time I rode it, was with a friend, we shared the sled and I swore we were going to fly off, so much fun! Gotcha....I've had that happen maybe once myself. The only mountain coaster I've pulled my brakes to slow down was on Rail Runner at Anakeesta....I legit thought I was going to fly off haha.
  2. Sorry, I meant the type of parks where folks don't pay per ride (not Slingshot) but like boardwalk parks. I can understand that, but $ coming in is better than none IMO.
  3. Is 10 people riding it for $5 or $10 better than 4 people riding it for $20? I don't know the breakdown of how many people would ride it when pricing was low or high, but any profit would be better than none. There are several of these rides out there without riders paying per ride, including Six Flags parks and Cedar Point. Sometimes the rides are fear conquering type, but they're for sure not signature rides where folks travel just to ride them.
  4. How you ended Rail Runner is how I did, "how did I survive?" lol. Ober is pretty cool, I loved the alpine slide! When I was there in July, Lost Mine was still in the process of being built, I stayed at the Fairfield Inn two hotels down....really hoped to ride but it was no where near open lol! Goats On The Roof is interesting for sure. I do like the seclusion going up the mountain. Moonshine to me was soooo short! Smoky Mountain Alpine I can't count how many times I've been on it, it's fun but meh. lol I absolutely can't stand when I have a family in front of me....they always slow down which auto slows down the sled for blocking....I get it but I hate it lol. I need to go back into the store.
  5. Figured I'd start a thread to chat about the mountain coasters in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Have you been on any of them? What's your favorite? Least favorite? Since my last visit (July) there have been 2 new coasters that have opened I'm excited to hopefully ride in a few weeks: "Hellbender" at Anakeesta and Lost Mine Mountain Coaster on Teaster Lane in Pigeon Forge. I've been on the others in Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and Gatlinburg. Out of the ones I've been on I really enjoy Wild Stallion at Skyland Ranch and Rail Runner at Anakeesta (which makes me feel like I'm going to be flung off the cart). What are your thoughts on them?
  6. I love my Homage shirts. They sometimes will do discounted shirts or send out coupon codes. I need more!
  7. In a way, yes....in a way no. I enjoyed it for what it was, but didn't like that the upcharge was so high all of the time. At least with Skyflyer, there was a discount sometimes.
  8. Have those markets been getting much coverage since the late 2010s? I know in the Columbus, OH market, there is hardly coverage for KI, including things such as Adventure Port, Winterfest, Entertainment Auditions, etc. Why is that?
  9. Can't wait to head back there with the southern charm and exceptional customer service with @pianoman and @malem in a few weeks!
  10. Not enhanced but I finally received a pass perk. This is the first one in more than a year. They invite me to self-service eh? BOGO? I'd rather not buy at all!
  11. All I’ve seen is speculation that the project has been cancelled. Can’t confirm it.
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