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  1. Can't wait to head back there with the southern charm and exceptional customer service with @pianoman and @malem in a few weeks!
  2. Not enhanced but I finally received a pass perk. This is the first one in more than a year. They invite me to self-service eh? BOGO? I'd rather not buy at all!
  3. All I’ve seen is speculation that the project has been cancelled. Can’t confirm it.
  4. That'll likely be asked haha.
  5. Sorry, gotta walk my fish that day!
  6. Why did they turn The Racer forwards? *You know that'll be asked)
  7. Due to budget cuts, pass perks will be just spoken about but not actually implemented.
  8. Orion-XL200


    Just re-joined GOCC after several years away from the club. Anyone here currently a member? I'm highly considering going to the Christmas party on Dec 9th at Sawmill Creek in Sandusky. Registration closes tomorrow (11/28) evening. Anyone else going?
  9. I didn't really notice any difference. I felt like Adventure Port was kind of like it always was, maybe with a little different color? The front of Enrique's left a lot to be desired imo. Outside of this area, nothing was real noticeable. One area I had hoped they would have improved was from RT Larossa's to the Eiffel Tower...it was not. I'm not 100% certain, but I feel like they were always wrapped there, but more toned down. Could the additional new lights be just replacing old ones with brighter lights?
  10. Haha! I enjoyed the turkey, it was nice and moist. Gravy or stuffing would have been a good addition or cranberry relish. the first year of Mac n cheese bar was amazing. I had hopes that after KD added their year round restaurant (no longer available) we would get it, to that caliber.
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