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  1. Not that it makes it right, but from a business perspective, we see this type of activity all the time. The Beach sold passes and then had to refund, same with Coney Island when they announced their respective closures. Entertrainment Junction was selling passes before it was announced this might be its last year, and they are still selling passes knowing this year may be the final year (those passes are good for 365 days after purchase instead of following a calendar year). Restaurants and stores sell gift cards and then go bankrupt. As a consumer it sucks, but they continue business as usual as long as they can because anything could happen to change the closure or whatever. And we joke, but a certain member here is correct that season passes are not guaranteeing you that any specific ride will be open. But at the same time, when your business model relies heavily on passes, the consumer bases their pass pre-purchase on historical and recent experiences. Eroding that by announcing a ride closure just before the season opens or cutting park hours after many passes were sold will turn some off and hold off until the last minute before purchasing. Enough people decide to wait until the following year and purchase right before they are ready to visit the park will drastically cut down on pass sales, not only the early pre-season sales, but even during the season. Many people that would have bought a pass in August and wait, then come June may decide to spend their money elsewhere.
  2. but, but, but, the season pass only provides you access to the park during regularly scheduled operating hours without any guarantee of any rides or attractions operating.... caveat emptor
  3. Keep in mind that KI no longer has a contractual business relationship with Camp Cedar.
  4. Isn't the first time they show conflicting information and it won't be the last.....
  5. Wonder why the park isn't giving any anniversary love to the flats. Drop Tower is 25th also.
  6. ^My friends were amongst the first at Juke Box last night and said the bread was hard and the meat was cold. They joked that they must have been served the burgers that were on display when the news was there earlier in the day LOL. The ICEE stand next to French Corner claims to be an outside vendor and doesn't honor the ICEE drink plan. They did that last year for those that were able to use that plan as well.
  7. And a sign that says one entree and one side. Typical case of conflicting information being shared by the park. caveat emptor
  8. That means no more daily FB posts of people hiding the one time front of the line in the park...
  9. Added more seating but less tables to eat.
  10. JukeBox has gone to pre-made pick up baskets. Follows the trend last year of going for speed over quality. On the plus side, onion rings are available on the meal plan there...at least today lol
  11. My interpretation of that link is unless it shows the SNACK icon, then it is on the meal plan. Maybe the nachos and smoked wings are available but not on the meal plan and thus why they are not on this list? And interesting that the link file is called "mobile-dining-plan-guide" - does that imply all of this is available for mobile ordering? But knowing CF that is probably incorrect LOL.
  12. But not just any chicken tenders, these are special. So the redesign of the Chicken Shack looks like a problem waiting to happen - so they have what appears to be two sides like Enrique's has, but the divider does not go all the way to the counter like it does at Enriques. I see someone just line jumping to the other side if the side they picked is slowed down. Or maybe like the other dual side restaurants, we will rarely see both open so it won't matter LOL. And no pigs in a blanket at pigpens mess hall - seems like a missed opportunity lol. But hey they got chicken nuggets.
  13. Oh boy https://www.wtae.com/article/kennywood-steel-curtain-closed/60526570
  14. They would probably give us the dilapidated version But with a dance floor, they could provide an upcharge dance event!
  15. Looks like a classic case of paranoia or egotism (or both) thinking everyone is talking about you.... Actually I wasn't referring to you as you haven't given off ADA attorney wannabe vibes with posts demonstrating misinterpretations of basic HIPAA laws, so who should be paying rent now.... Your Ad hominem nonsense is insufferable...do better....Sad.....
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