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  1. It's a knock-off Or they took the Taylor Swift college course and learned to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity to be one of the 250, and then they go and sell more after LOL
  2. Why that would be the Wonder Wand of course
  3. It is..It may reach a lot of households but most probably pitch it as junk mail.
  4. I am talking about the recycle bin at home unless you get the Reach magazine mailed to you at KI lol, in which case yes the recycling bins have been gone for many years.
  5. Does anybody even look at that any more or just immediate recycle bin
  6. "Why did you retire from Kings Island?" some think....
  7. The original Fun Perks program in 2012 was based on spending in the park, but even then the metrics of how much needed to be spent were never presented. The new pass perks seem to be based on not visiting and are used to try to entice people to visit the park. I know way more people that rarely visit that got a pass perk than those that frequent the place. And enhanced perks for the Prestige - forget about it LOL.
  8. I heard they completely removed the early exclusive line benefit already. You know the same one that we still have here, but isn't enforced AT ALL and many times takes the longest to get thru, so for all intents and purposes isn't a benefit at all LOL
  9. Just like most of the Prestige benefits As you know, KD gets Prestige next year but many benefits started this year (sound familiar). I hear that the Prestige passholders at KD are already seeing the same sort of nonsense going on after purchasing theirs for next year as well.
  10. Weird, it played the 12 days when I rode it. I guess song selection is subject to change as well Caveat emptor
  11. On a positive note, since the VIP is now a money maker, it will remain open until park close thru Winterfest. Of course, that is subject to change at any time.
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