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  1. New Kings Island Camp Snoopy blog post from yesterday, some new pictures of the area. Camp Snoopy Construction Update (visitkingsisland.com)
  2. Looks like a truck is backing up right now, with what looks like another piece of the coaster or supports. Here's a new pic.
  3. New construction update from yesterday, looks like the coaster will start going vertical next week!
  4. Camp Snoopy update from yesterday, looks like assembly of the coaster will begin soon, we’re getting closer! Hope they get pictures and video! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2024/january/camp-snoopy-construction-update
  5. Looks like there's a crane out there right now, could we see the first part of the track go up today?
  6. Maybe one of the reasons KI waited in starting was because of the last few months the park is open for WinterFest. Could we imagine how upset guests would be, if half of Planet Snoopy wasn’t open for it? Woodstock Gliders and Linus Launcher needing repainted, and possibly Snoopy Boutique being closed for the new restaurant. I would take opening Camp Snoopy around Memorial Day, before closing half of Planet Snoopy during WinterFest. But Good Gravy is looking sweet though!
  7. Hard to say but we’ll know for sure if the Snoppy Boutique signs come down. It’s out of the area where they originally announced Camp Snoppy to be going. It might be the ‘food truck’ like @PKIDeliriumsays, but would they really use the word ‘Hall’ for something that can be moved like a food truck?
  8. Here we are in 2024 already, so I made the thread for the new year. We have a lot to look forward to like Camp Snoopy opening up in late spring. Here is the link to the calendar and hours as of now for the 2024 season. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/calendar-and-hours
  9. Liked the update and Woodstock Gliders will look great with the new look.
  10. Had a great time, the lights were amazing, wish I bought a hot chocolate, the line was long so I didn’t feel like standing in line, kinda wish I did now. The balloon drop for the kids and families was energetic. The 2023 season was so much fun, and can’t wait for the 2024 season to start!
  11. Anyone going to the park tonight to get some new pictures?
  12. Looks like Seabreeze Amusement Park is removing their Bisch-Rocco Flying Scooters ride next year, they're adding a WindstarZ. This gives Kings Island a chance to head over to NY and take it off their hands, hopefully bringing back an old classic style scooters ride. It could replace that basketball game in Coney Mall!
  13. I don't know about it going all the way to the front like that, have it end right before the preferred parking area begins, so we keep the green space on both sides while guests are walking up to the gate would be nice.
  14. Yeah, this could work, Cedar Fair/SF should capitalize on this and look into making it happen imo. What would they do with Timberwolf then? I can see a coaster going there and a new theme/name for Action Zone also,
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