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    • Yeah could be scrapped pieces. Now if this is the only plant that makes track for B&M..... Where is the Mako track? Maybe they will make the track for that after our giga? Since Busch parks open coasters mid season lol   I can't think or any purple tracked B&M coasters? I think Banshee but it doesn't look the same to me. Also google map image over head the factory is a 2019 image!!! Maybe that yellow we see isn't really yellow and is greensish and SWSD already has the track on site.
    • Painting old scrap pieces of track as a test for certain types of paint being exposed to the elements?
    • Found some interesting similarities between yesterday's overhead images and what's currently on Google Maps. Based on what I'm seeing now, I don't think those pieces are for the new Mako, and I don't think the purple piece is for anything new, either. I have no idea when these Google images were taken, but there appears to be a lot of purple and yellow track pieces in the front parking lot, so perhaps someone could narrow down the time frame. That purple in the front parking lot looks like the same purple piece in the rear lot. That same purple piece in yesterday's image (and pile of curved tubes next to it) circled in red is the same and unmoved compared to Google's older image.  Also, the 'Mako' track and several piles of junk near it (circled in yellow) all appears to be the same and unmoved in yesterday's image versus Google's older image. The color of the track appears to be off a bit, but they're laying exactly the same way, same shape, same support mounts. They gotta be the same.  I don't think either of these track pieces are new. Guessing they're just scrapped pieces for some reason.     
    • Field of screams Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
    • Just curious everyone, but what is this area? 
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