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    • Could it be to give each park a unique branding of rides and further inspire guests to travel between the parks?
    • I would also like to add that Coney BBQ was another fantastic addition.  It is a beautiful structure (inside and out), and the way its design makes it look like it's always been there was a nice touch.  Great how they added the rear seating area and tied it into Tower Gardens; it really spruced that area up nicely.  
    • Nope. I see it as a flat ride
    • Ever since Cedar Fair Entertainment Company bought the Paramount parks in the mid 2000s, it seems like they've been straying away from cloned rides. Initially we saw some rides share the same name: multiple Flight Decks, Vortexes, and so on. However, in the more recent years we've seen these names change to better reflect their parks with a few exceptions like Racer 75, Patriot, and BLSC. In terms of cloned rides, I can't recall a time Cedar Fair has built a ground up cloned coaster. With exceptions to WindSeeker, Delirious, and a few smaller rides, most of their flats have been somewhat original as well. With all this in mind, is it safe to say that Cedar Fair trying to avoid cloned rides, and if so why? Is there a certain standard that the company is trying to set? Do they not want to just mimic the practices of rival companies Six Flags and Sea World? Or is it something else?
    • When I see Cedar Fair in relation to Six Flags, I often ask myself- is less more? I've never been to a Six Flags park but given everything I've read and researched, it seems to be quantity over quality with the company. I feel like while Cedar Fair doesn't operate as many parks as Six Flags, they seem to put quality care into their parks. While parks like Valley Fair, Worlds of Fun, Dorney Park, and Michigan's Adventure haven't received new coasters in quite some time, I still feel like they're well taken care of.