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    • Yeah, the PR makes its almost impossible to sell in the US. Foreign country though, I guess they may not read the US PR. Still, if they intended to sell it as a working ride, why handicap themselves with the outlived its service life(can't recall the exact verbiage) line? Just say its being removed for future expansion and its not bad PR for another park to buy it in the US. 
    • If anything I bet it'd go to Mexico/South America. China/Dubai I think would have too much money for used rides from America.Maybe a economic leveled out Asian country like Korea or Japan etc. But I bet it goes south if (which it will be) not scrapped.
    • A deduction: they want to sell it, but they don't have a buyer. Given what the CEO has said about cutting cost, I wouldn't expect to see it moved within the chain. I wonder who they expect to sell to. Firehawk probably costs too much to operate for a smaller park. Surely anyone who's Cedar Fair-sized or bigger either has a Flying Dutchman and knows what they're up against with them or else has been paying attention to what Cedar Fair is doing? Maybe they're looking to sell it to some up-and-coming buyer in Dubai or China.
    • Funny, I had absolutely no problem cancelling mine a few years ago.  A simple search on my inbox pulled up all the relevant order numbers etc.  I also kept current with the payment portal so had no problem logging in there.   I did have a question about it but called the park during business hours and was able to get through after about 4 minutes. Sorry to hear you had so many problems but it sounds like some were your own making.  
    • I experienced the "Membership Program" at Six Flags Magic Mountain in LA :   ! DO NOT BUY SIX FLAGS MEMBERSHIP ONLINE ! I bought 5 of them almost 3 years ago.  You have to continue for the full 12 months paying each month, and then it renews month to month with a minimum 2 week cancellation notice. I was okay with that. We went 2 or three times during the first year. After the first year, I went to the "Membership Portal" to cancel. It was difficult... you needed your original receipt and you needed to register accounts for each card (5 in my case) before you could cancel. So, I thought... it is only $36 per month... maybe we will go back soon. Fast forward to August of 2018 or almost $1000 later. I got serious about canceling. I stepped through a number of hoops and was told by the "Membership Portal" that I would get an email with the details I needed to submit my cancellation request. No email ever came. Add to this that my card on the membership EXPIRED about this time... but they just grabbed the new expiration date and KEPT ON BILLING! I thought.. ok we have not been back in a long time, but maybe we can go around the first of October and after a last day.. we will cancel in person. We did not get the chance to do that, so today I got serious.  I submitted the request again... no email.  I registered more accounts and suddenly, no cancellation option in my menu.  I clicked chat with agent... "No agents are available at this time."   I checked my bank statement and got the billing phone number and called it. I got a recording about park hours and if you have season pass questions, visit the website at.... So I filed charge disputes with my bank and a complaint with the BBB of Los Angeles. I liked Six Flags before this, but now I will never visit again, and I am on a mission to help get the word out that you can get hooked. This is especially sad since people who mostly get burned by this are just looking to help their kids have a good time. Shame on you Six Flags.