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    • This information is still available on the website.  You need to have an account with your passes linked to it.  It displays the total number of visits and a list of the dates and what park it was used at.
    • I have not yet found it.  It's one thing that I'm missing from last year (albeit it was off).  You can see how many days you have visited if you look at the terminal when you go thourgh the gate,  After they click ok an arrow shows up with a number.  That number is the number of days you have visited this season. It would also be nice for the app to track how many drinks and meals have been used.  It could, for example, show the last TIME each was used therefore taking the guess work out of how long until you can have a meal/drink. Lastly there needs to be a way to tell the difference between the Drink Plan and the Drink Plan + on the app. Hopefully these can be suggestions they can take and put in to improve on an already improved app.
    • I don't know how Cedar Fair accounts for pass sales, buy they certainly want people to have repeat visits, use the drink plan, use FunPix and the meal plan.  Higher attendance from passholders looks good on quarterly reports and many passholders will purchase overpriced goods and services while they are in the park, hence the per caps. I used to work in an industry that allows clients to prepay for a years worth of services and get a discount on said services. All this money went to corporate to. E aggregated across the country and earn interest. As a service was performed, the branch would get a "credit" on the P&L.  Of course there were extras that were not in the prepaid package that were upsell opportunities.  At the end of the calendar year, if a customer didn't get all the services that they prepaid for, corporate would issue a check after the yearly books were closed. The branch was charged this amount plus a penalty that went against their P&L statement.   This incentivized the branches to complete the prepaid services and upsell. Id conjecture that Cedar Fair has a similar system, but instead of services, it's visits, photos, meal plan redemptions, etc.  But I could be wrong. All the money goes into the same pot, but like our branches were incentivized to perform, parks are incentivized to encourage attendance and therefore per caps.  This works well in theory at least, until corporate cuts the budget and causes attendance to spiral downward, which it will if this short term cheapness goes on for another couple of seasons. Living away from Kings Island ( (Lexington area), I've heard several people in my circles say they won't renew this year.   
    • Is there a way on the app to see how many visits you have made to the park?
    • I would be surprised if the park settled a frivolous lawsuit brought by an ambulance-chasing personal injury lawyer. Not only is the park fully covered by the T&C of the pass purchase agreement, the plaintiff likely would have to prove that Kennywood KNEW at the time of his purchase that the ride could not and would not be operational for 2024, AND that Kennywood expressly suppressed this information, AND, most importantly, that their advertising was specifically designed to suggest that this particular attraction would be operating for 2024. That's an immense legal hill to climb, even if the two litigants had access to equally-competent legal teams, which they clearly do not.
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