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    • I have been lucky enough to ride Top Thrill Dragster a few times.  The launch and the atmosphere around the ride is awesome.  However on my last few visits to the park its been nothing but a dissapointment.  Queuing for an hour and have it break down.  I don't think anything really make sa guest more upset.  Its mechanical and things happen but this has happened to us multiple times the past few years.  Its time for the thing to go.  
    • Is that the official statement? That line made me laugh.  I think I am most excited about the repaint of Racer with all we have learned so far about the 50th. What about the rest of you?
    • Yep, I remember the temporary set up for that Haunt.  They need to do something in that area to liven it up a bit.  It would be nice to see a small flat ride there.  And put a solid roof on the International Showplace.  I cam fine with keeping the open sides, but a solid roof over it would allow them to utilize it for a Winterfest show.  
    • TTD is the star of the show and draws many to the park even despite its costs. 50% may not ride it, but the notireity of the ride itself is enough to draw people to the park, look at it, say "oof thats my limit, but I will ride Magnum". Its a net draw.  I know for a fact for 2020-2021 Cedar Point Maintenance completely revamped the launch system of the ride and did major retrofits to the ride. I dont think after that investment meant to create longevity for the ride they would tear it down without serious thoughts. But the accident does expose the park to liability, from how well reported the accident was and the fact through FOIA the body cam showed an impartial view of what happened that day from Sandusky Police. This accident was the most serious the company has faced in my opinion since Son of Beast. Kings Dominion's Twisted Timbers incident from the loose cell phone lead to chain wide changes to cell phone policies in 2018-19, but this accident was different due to the liability being fulled fronted onto Cedar Fair over this incident. It will be very interesting to see the outcome.  And in my personal opinion, how the park handled it initially was bungled to say the least.  -stashua123 who has not been on the forum since February 2021 lol-
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