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    • I lost my job once due to downsizing years ago* I can understand your feelings, it can be scary. Unless someone has been through this it is hard to understand how it feels. (Things that you once considered important don’t even enter your mind because of the really important things that you are dwelling on.) Once again, I wish you all the best and try to keep thinking positive...although I know through experience that is hard.   *In the end I did find a new/better job and it turned out fine...I hope the same for you.
    • File for unemployment immediately.  It also sounds like you  may have type 1 diabetes.  If so, your also qualify for assistance with your medical expenses.  There are options out there for insulin, Reli-On being a very affordable alternative until this situation runs its course.  Check with your doctor.  I can't give medical advice, but as someone who has lived with T1D for 40+ years, I can be a sounding board for you.
    • The Scrambler had it’s 50th anniversary  season last year or the one before that.
    • There isn't any other ride in the park's history called the Monster, though. As far as your questions on the timing, the article was written about Kings Island's impact in the area--Mike Agin, who wrote it, was the Warren County Bureau chief for the Post. He was probably asked to write a piece for that date and turned to Kings Island. It's not like Warren County had much else going on in 1981. The article does mention changes for 1982, including Hanna-Barbera Land and the "new" Monster. In the context of the full article, it makes sense.  Correct, which is why I've reached out to Walt Davis to see if he remembers anything about this. If anybody living would know more, it would be him.
    • I mean this as no slight, but I am looking at this from a different perspective. For some, the impact of the coronavirus has affected park excursions, cruises, and extravagant Disney vacations.  For others, it's affected basic necessities like paying rent. Respectfully, a person can survive without expensive vacations, they can't without a home or insulin.   I love Kings Island, and I'm one of those who's part of an ongoing payment plan, but my concerns are elsewhere...
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