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    • ^ Except The Boss where the best you can hope for is SF hammering in the loose nails or the once a decade RMC sectional retracking.  
    • Hello all! It's been a long time for a post, so I figured I would knock the dust off with a trip report: Went to KI yesterday with my better half, our 8 week old daughter, 2 adult cousins, and a 7 year old cousin. We were there before 10am and I could tell it was going to be a crowded day. First thing I noticed was multiple school aged kids with the same color shirts on. (oh crap... the dreaded Education Days at the park) This is where I get into my rant... I don't think it was smart to have an Education Day, Food Truck Friday, and Veterans/Active Duty Free Day on the same day. While this did bring lots of people into the park, not having alcohol be served until 5pm was a major point of discussion and frustration among us and many other adults at the park. We decided to hang around Hank's just to see how many adults would come to find alcohol and we wish we would have filmed it and used the Benny Hill Theme for music to it. We stopped counting at 200 adults in 10 minutes at 11am. They would wander around all sides of Hank's and the Biergarden, curse, and then walk off in search of a place that does serve alcohol. Maybe on a day like yesterday, opening up the Biergarden and only allowing purchase and consumption of alcohol in that area until 5pm, would be an idea.  Anyway, we went to Banshee for 2 rides, so all adults could get a chance to ride, and then over to Planet Snoopy. Mini-Whodey loved being up in my arms and watch all the kids having fun. Even with the park being crowded, the wait times for rides in Planet Snoopy were very reasonable. The 7 year old rode Woodstock's Express several times in a row with only about 8-10 minute wait times for each ride.  We ended up waiting longer for Blue Ice Cream than those rides!  We were all starting to get hungry and decided to check out the food trucks. Another slight disappointment. The thought of food trucks is great, but not when most have the same food you can get on a normal day at the park. The prices were also a little steep. We decided to leave for food and went to Eli's, right by the park. If you want quality bar food at a fair price, this is a good option. Went back to the park at 3 and the crowd had grown exponentially. The cousins went to ride White Water Canyon, so the 2 of us took Mini-Whodey her first train ride. She smiled with that all gums smile the whole time! We ended up taking 4 train rides and then sat by Potato Works after. 530pm was the time the cousins finally got back to us. Mini-Whodey was passed out and we decided that it was time to get her home.   
    • Just a little while ago, I got a call from Robin Igney, the mechandise supervisor who offered to ship me a replacement as soon as I send mine back. I never expected them to do that! A++ customer service from Kings Island!
    • Maybe 5,000 guests are in line at the only open drink stand?  (According to some recent posts) /jk Polar Bear.    Wife just found this.