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  1. That snake used to scare the crap out of me as a kid. I always covered my eyes at that part also I covered my ears at the beginning of the ride when the persons voice blared over in the building.
  2. Making Action Zone into a creepy themed area is a good idea, heck they already have Banshee & The Bat. I'd say rename/retheme Delirum to something more Halloweenish, maybe color scheme it black & orange? Drop Tower would be fine, but maybe play some creepy music in the que like along with mist in the area. Also get retheming if Congo Falls and make it into something similar like a spooky water dark ride perhaps build around it (Disaster Transport Cedar Point). Invertigo, honestly retheme it or just get rid of it, it only runs not even half the time anyways.
  3. Years later I still sometimes call Kings Island "Paramounts Kings Island" fun fact The Beast ACE Roller Coaster Landmark still says "Paramounts Kings Island".
  4. I think that needs an update, I've seen that before I think there is a poster for Snoopy Rocks On Ice by the Kings Island Theater which I believe would have been around 2010-2011. But very cool nonetheless very nostalgic.
  5. I have an idea, what if this year (well way later this year or next year) what if Kings Island came up with a Christmas themed maze, like Halloween Haunt but not scary but family oriented maybe a Santa workshop in which you enter a building and walk through the North Pole encountering elves, Snowman, and of course the big man himself, Santa Clause along with Kings actors of course or a maze themed to A Christmas Carol would be a very unique idea. What do all of you think?
  6. If you have memorized soundtracks of certain rides from YouTube. (Mystic Timbers, Tomb Raider, Phantom Theater, etch.)
  7. Surprisingly only once, now I have to lose weight to ever ride it again.
  8. The Beast sign for sure! (Me in front of The Beast Sign in 2013 my high school days!)
  9. A bit off-topic I believe that ice cream should be sold at WinterFest as well as the other seasons. I know its cold but I have a sweet tooth all year long especially when it comes to KIs famous Blue Ice Cream.
  10. I agree with the amazing view, perhaps turning it into a buffet of different food varietys?
  11. I was curious with the new partnership of Cedar Fair & Six Flags if we would ever see our favorite mystery solving Great Dane return to Kings Island (and other Cedar Fair parks) in some way shape or form since it being a Six Flags property. I feel like Scooby-Doos presence was always necessary at Kings Island since being at the parks opening in 1972 through his removal in 2010, I feel like its Scoobys time to return, but what all do you think?
  12. I'm glad because anything is better than Subway! I'm happy this is replacing it!
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