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  1. Same problem on Phone. Ads are everywhere and also between peoples posts.
  2. 2… but I’m looking forward to getting back to Kings Island hopefully this year. I’m curious to see if my opinion of Orion will change. I wasn’t an immediate fan. It was an odd pick for the park. Still a very fun ride though.
  3. Was Pig Pens mess hall announced with the expansion? I didn’t even know that was a thing! …or I just forgot about it Food lines (especially blue ice cream) always spill onto the midways even mild crowd days. Having another quick service I hope will help crowd flow. But some permanent queues at Blue ice cream would be nice!
  4. So, considering this “webcam” practice has been done well over a decade and during your tenure can we sum up then this webcam on and off bit was a choice not by you but from GM and park presidents?
  5. Who is “they” because out of Dorney their webcams were live showing off Iron Menace first test runs before the POV dropped earlier yesterday.
  6. Try giving a listen to Coaster Radio. I’m really not into opinion pieces / rumor milling many current podcast’s rely on. I remember listening to them way back in high school on my iPod nano lol. Glad Knotts was able to salvage the ride though!
  7. don’t know of anyone that also purchased an on ride photo. This was my first time riding it in 2002. Anyone else here ever bought a photo?
  8. It would have worked very well if it was just a transport attraction. Taking a nice trip from Camp Snoopy to Frontier Town is what we need.
  9. That’s a sparkler that was in the upper right corner of the building. When the ride began the gondola would slowly move clockwise. If you listen to the ride audio at that moment there is electrical sound effect. Part of the rides story line, it represents the ride vehicle “loosing power” as the planets fully align, thus the sparks you see. The effect only lasted a few seasons.
  10. Cool! Kings Island Unlimited is coming back! We did it guys!!!!
  11. I don’t really have any issue with this choice. I just came from BGT 2 days ago (Had a great time). The park is enormous and thankfully has now 2 modes of transportation with the train and now the sky ride. I got the sky ride credit a long long time ago, for those that never got this experience it provided unparallel views of the Serengeti area of the park and the animals. I totally see why this would become an up charge attraction. The Serengeti Safari Tour is $40. If the sky ride were free I’d just take the sky ride than pay 40 for the tour. So for me $5 is totally worth it for those views!
  12. Unforgivable! They had now TWO opportunities to call the Flyers the “Flying Beagles” as a nod to Flying Eagles.
  13. That’s a lot of work that’s been finished already since New Years. I’m sure they will try the best to have this open day 1. But 99 days to finish this is a very steep climb
  14. So my biggest question now is… Six Flags Qiddiya? Clearly it’s happening but it wasn’t featured on the released map of properties. The topic of that park creates a lot of questions.
  15. Hmm, perhaps it’s not per say a merger but more of a shuffling of parks.
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