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  1. Snoopy's Soap Box Racers was cycling tonight. The sound bites from the characters as the train moves through the course are a cute touch.
  2. At Thursday's preview event we waited probably 75% of the inside queue (after the metal detectors). The ride ran consistently and our total wait was probably around 45 minutes. Re-rides were allowed in the last hour and we essentially walked on twice.
  3. https://10best.usatoday.com/awards/travel/best-theme-park-entertainment-2024/ It's interesting to see Under the Stars coming in at number five on the list of Best Theme Park Entertainment considering the show doesn't debut until May 24th.
  4. Along with Melt's issues as a chain lately, table-service restaurants don't really fit the current Cedar Fair dining plan model so it was only a matter of time. I wonder how much longer Chickie's & Pete's will stick around.
  5. The new lagoon show has a lot of potential as well. Marathon of Mayhem and Ghoulish were great at HHN so it feels like Universal is getting a stronger sense of what makes a good nighttime show. If they can tie in all the beloved classic Universal Parks IP like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future we could have something pretty special.
  6. Racing (Racer) Mini Eclairs at Sweet Spot:
  7. The space under the stained glass window at the Festhaus has been painted dark brown. It is apparently becoming the Festhaus Bar. The existing Oktoberfest Bar is still outside by Viking Fury.
  8. Some of the beef, which has a chopped brisket texture, was a bit fatty but otherwise had nice flavor. The portion was very carefully measured and ended up seeming like a better amount of protein than the shrimp and pork skewers. The potatoes are the same as the potatoes bravas but without the sauce/coating. The pierogis don't seem to be an option this year.
  9. Honey Soy Glazed Beef and Garlic Potatoes from Grain & Grill:
  10. Is "Axe Axe Baby" an axe-throwing game? It appears to be replacing the soccer game under Diamondback. Also, has the Coca-Cola Refresh at the train always been called "Libation Station"?
  11. Valleyfair seemed to do a nice job on Grand Carnivale working within their means but it did seem like a large event for a smaller park. Between the reduced 2023 version and now only three parks still offering the event in 2024, will this be the last year for Grand Carnivale overall?
  12. Valleyfair has announced their 2024 events and Grand Carnivale is not listed, so it appears that Kings Island, Kings Dominion and California's Great America will be the only three parks with Grand Carnivale this year.
  13. With the right kind of warm summer night the Bandstand can have a pleasant vibe. The nighttime atmosphere around the Royal Rhythms with a full band at Grand Carnivale remains one of my favorite experiences at Kings Island. Admittedly even that show was a bit uncomfortable for the early evening performances in the late-day sun.
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