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  1. Are you hiding your musical talent and want to showcase it at Kings Island? Well, you are in luck for the 2024 season. Auditions are coming up soon! Talent: Vocalists, Theatrical Actors, Dancers & “PEANUTS” Characters, & Musicians. When: Friday, Dec 15 through Tuesday, Dec 19, Time: 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Info: These are These are open call auditions. No appointment necessary. What do I need: A current resume, headshot, and a detailed availability list from May 1 through mid-August. We hope to see your talents showcased at Kings Island in 2024!
  2. Shouldn't that be boysenberry not raspberry?
  3. I am so excited. I have been wanting this for years now. The boysenberry drink in the fountains at Knotts is like the best drink ever!
  4. I am a member, but no plans to go to the party.
  5. See the KIC 2023 photo gallery with over 240 pictures and the KIC YouTube video on our Winterfest page on the main site. https://kicentral.com/park/kiwinterfest/
  6. See Winterfest 2023 in action.
  7. So, I just learned about this by reading your post. I don't see it on the website (unless I missed it.) It sure seems quite news worthy and would have been something I would have happily helped promote had I been sent something or communicated with. I am usually a benefit of the doubt type of guy. Maybe this was not sent to the communications department to advertise? Either way, if I was Mike K. I would be demanding to find out why this was not advertised and sent to media, all of your fan sites, and fan pages to reach as many extra per caps spending customers as possible.
  8. So you can n get Mac n cheese over way and Mexican the other. The line for Mexican. The line for Mac n cheese and goes out to the midway.
  9. We'll use this as the 2023 Winterfest reviews thread. A look at one of the decorations on snow flake lake.
  10. I don't think so. Would it be cool, sure. A necessity, not at all.
  11. Thanks for the PTR! I enjoyed your perspective of the two parks.
  12. Non drivers can take photos/videos on KMAA.
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