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  1. Don's take on this. https://themeparksbydon.com/locked-out-paying-the-price-for-thrills-at-cedar-points-top-thrill-2/
  2. QR Code on the wristband. My son was having issues with getting the QR code just right under the scanner. I am OK with the scanners, but it seems it is slowing the traffic down for queueing waiting on someone to get their wristband to scan.
  3. https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/2024/top-thrill-2-rider-safety-guidelines LOCKERS Working with the manufacturer’s recommendations, Top Thrill 2’s rider safety guidelines were revised after initial testing, resulting in our strict policy of loose articles not being permitted past the ride’s entrance. Due to the later revision, the integration of lockers into the queue, similar to those at Steel Vengeance, was not possible. We encourage riders to leave any loose articles with a non-rider. If you wish to rent a locker, they will be near the entrance for a nominal fee. These policies are in place for the safety of our Guests and Associates – and safety is our first priority. Thank you for adhering to these rider safety guidelines to ensure a safe and FUN ride. We look forward to seeing you on Top Thrill 2 this summer!
  4. New this year in the FastLane scanners and the Fastlane KIOSK's around the park. I know it was touched on in the general discussions over the weekend, but wanted to give it its own thread for discussion. What do you think, like it, don't like it, and tell us why.
  5. If you like blueberries and raspberries then you will want to give it a try.
  6. Maybe we are spoiled by KI's wood coasters, but I agree that I found it to be a boring layout the first time I ever rode it.
  7. I think the single use fast lane kiosks are enough.
  8. I thought it was a little funny seeing these Planet Snoopy signs still up along the new path. Not exactly a big deal, and may still be addressed, but I do hope these get rethemed and painted as well. No reason to not repurpose them somehow.
  9. We have joked about it being its own thread for a few years. So here we go.
  10. Double post Just saw Diamondback is down. Beast is also down.
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