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  1. According to this article from financial site Seeking Alpha says they owned "a stake of just over 1%" as of June. I don't follow this stuff though so maybe they owned more at one time. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/six-flags-holder-land-andamp-building-plans-to-vote-again-cedar-fair-deal/ar-AA1jihTm
  2. As I said in the speculation topic about this last night, this will make the equivalent of a Platinum Pass much more valuable, not just because it gives you access to far more parks, but also because of the proximity to some FUN and SIX parks: Dorney is within 5 hours of four different Six Flags parks (Great Adventure, America, Darien Lake and New England) Worlds of Fun and Six Flags St Louis are 4 hours apart Carowinds and SIx Flags Over Georgia are also 4 hours apart Darien Lake is 2½ hours from Canada's Wonderland (though of course that time depends largely on how long it takes to get across the border) Knott's and Magic Mountain are an hour apart It will be quite interesting to see which parts of each chain are kept when all is said and done. Hopefully this ends up being a win for everyone involved, especially with Zimmerman remaining in charge.
  3. If this actually goes through, it could make whatever the equivalent of a Platinum Pass ends up being quite valuable in some parts of the country: Knotts is an hour from Magic Mountain Dorney is within 5 hours of four different Six Flags parks (counting Darien Lake) Darien Lake is three and a half hours from Cleveland and two and a half hours from Canada's Wonderland (though I don't know how willing someone would be to drive across the border on a regular basis) Carowinds is 4 hours from Six Flags Over Georgia Worlds of Fun is 4 hours from Six Flags St Louis
  4. Tournament is officially staying in Mason. https://www.fox19.com/app/2023/10/10/western-southern-open-staying-mason/
  5. I believe the track is being produced by S&S out in Utah. The track was indeed spotted in Ohio but apparently the part about it being spotted near KI wasn't true.
  6. My only contribution to this thread is that I think it's odd how we got absolutely no hints/news from the park about possible 2024 plans besides a "we're announcing 2024 plans tomorrow" announcement at 6:30 the night before. I realize this isn't as big a deal as Orion, Mystic Timbers, etc., but a great and much-needed addition to the kids area that will appeal to most families deserves more than a "we're announcing something tomorrow" post. Something to get the kids excited about what's coming next, etc. Meanwhile Holiday World gets everyone talking by confirming prior to the announcement that they're building a new coaster and even created a website for a fictitious company to go along with it. Add a quirky theme and name and suddenly everyone is talking about it. If a small park can pull that off, why can't a large one with a (probably) much larger marketing budget?
  7. It's possible, but I can only recall it ever running one train, even before Snoopy-fication in 2008. I didn't make it to the park much between the time that ride opened and the time I finally got a pass in 2009, so I don't remember a whole lot about the park at that time.
  8. I don't see how they could run two trains on Flying Ace at all. The ride only lasts about a minute and a half. Adding a second train wouldn't improve capacity much at all since one train would be back by the time they loaded the other one.
  9. New waterpark attraction at Canada's Wonderland. https://www.canadaswonderland.com/new-in-2024
  10. Apparently Dorney has more to announce on September 7th...
  11. The playground should be a big hit. The one at Carowinds is great and my nieces loved it when we were there a couple years ago
  12. I didn't realize that restriction was some arbitrary rule that they made. I assumed it was based on height. Hopefully KI won't resort to such antics.
  13. The coaster of the same name at Canada's Wonderland was made by a different company (ART Engineering out of Germany) so I don't think that one comes into play here, since the height requirements are usually set by the manufacturer rather than the park.
  14. I did a little research on that because I was curious as well. I looked at two of the Vekoma Family Boomerang coasters listed on RCDB - Raik at Phantasialand in Germany and Boomerang at Energylandia in Poland (which is the exact same model as the one we're getting). The minimum height for both is 1 meter/100cm (a little over 39 inches) and anyone under 1.2m/120cm (a little over 47 inches) has to ride with an adult, but there is no height limit. That leads me to believe that KI's will have a minimum height of 40 inches with anyone under 48 having to ride with an adult.
  15. Another teaser video posted yesterday. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=285974624014434 And some other teaser signs. https://www.facebook.com/brad.bonshak.5/posts/pfbid0VQJZj6PeEzkEBPpUoDQyjFMycrwXfFscty6Z89vrmEtnuAsdpiq3BBhrky5bzaPml
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