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  1. Pro tip... When pasting stuff from other sites, paste it as plain text (CTRL+Shift+V or right-click -> paste as plain text). It's hard to read that text in the quote above in dark mode.
  2. I haven't seen the Dollywood show so I'll have to go look it up on YouTube. I miss the Cirque shows though and wish they'd bring those back
  3. I've been to Dollywood three times (two days in 2022 and one day last year) and haven't really stopped for any of the shows. I need to change that next time I get down there (don't know if I'll make it down there this year since I'm doing a big trip during the summer).
  4. From what I understand, COVID got in the way of the project.
  5. Here you go @IndyGuy4KI. https://theparkwholesale.com/products/richardson-112-classic-premium-trucker-hat-snapback-all-colors-1
  6. I've been laughing at all the people complaining about this policy. I definitely think it's a good idea for crowd/line management, though I am wondering how they will enforce it. Also, 10 days at CP would drive me nuts. I usually do two or three days and I'm good. Even when visiting new parks I typically only do one or two days (two days for the first time at bigger parks, one day for smaller/less-busy parks like Knoebels and Dorney)
  7. If they actually reopen the rides next year I might have to make a special trip up there to snag the two coaster credits while I can. It's not too far of a drive from here (about 6 hours as I recall) and being within 2 hours of Pittsburgh I could hit Idlewild and Kennywood while I'm in the area.
  8. Never got anything except the email saying they had additional tickets available for purchase (which I didn't see until it was too late).
  9. If you're local and have young children (ages 2-4), you can get a free Pre-K Membership to the Newport Aquarium, which includes unlimited visits for an entire year. The only catch is you have to register by March 3rd. See https://www.newportaquarium.com/aquarium-admission/annual-passes/pre-k/ for more info.
  10. I haven't heard anything either so I'm assuming that means I also didn't get selected the first round.
  11. And again silence from anyone who was in charge at Coney. They got their money and are all too happy to let MEMI take the blame for this.
  12. I'm wondering if that's just for this year, given that it would have been difficult for them to book a different venue on such short notice.
  13. I've never been so I might sign up and see if I get picked. I just hope they give us enough notice so I can get time off work if I do get picked.
  14. I stand by what I said. Whether you want to believe it or not is up to you.
  15. I'm sure the park has their reasons for doing the ACE conference and not Coasterstock. I sincerely doubt Chad is the only person involved in that decision (or the one who has the final say on which events happen). Keep in mind that a large three-day enthusiast event like this takes a lot of planning and coordination between the various departments. It's entirely possible the park just decided it wasn't feasible to hold two large enthusiast events so close together. Take the time to find other events to attend with the various clubs (GOCC hasn't announced any 2024 events yet and Coaster Crew only has one listed on their website), visit a new park that weekend or even join ACE and hit the spring conference.
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