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  1. I prob should start a new string, but interesting news day on Entertrainment Junction...remember Mr. Nolting consulting them with the Coney Island model attraction, but sure several enthusiast/artist involved in that production. Second was the Save Sunlight group got press with "Sunlight 2.0" which I admire and signed/contributed....lastly, who is the concessionaire EVT services....pardon me while I have a strange interlude to borrow from beastfan11...
  2. I love the financial twist in this with MEMI......why the state giving money to a for profit anyway?
  3. Something else caught my ear on a food review of Riverbend this season. Hmmm, since the old agreement Vic set out the door I driving at in earlier remarks...how come Donatos (its not bad and a great family company) and not Larosa this year? I will stand corrected, but guess MEMI had a number of aspects prepared...just throwing it out there for discussion....I recall the reason a number of venues switched beer brands with Mr. Asper back when. There a fox in the henhouse and think CSO built the coop...
  4. Such a shame, was just reading on the CSO site about project "Riverbend 2.0". Amazed still how they state nothing was in secret and the demise everyone else responsibility, whatever.
  5. Interesting the slide went to that private collector.....wish I had noticed the advertisement. Wonder if the neon exit sign on the light pole in the parking lot will make it to the sign museum....only can hope.
  6. Questions arise to me how long this was premeditated and obviously some of the water attractions packed for shipping....the fountain in front of the Admin building and the Wach plaque...interesting.
  7. I was sad to see Summerfair has some relationship going on with MEMI....my guess the event was offered parts of the venue to save face and understand basically a volunteer organization running it, but please move back to the Eden Park or elsewhere. Let me guess...MEMI gets the parking and a hefty sum to facilitate it this year out of the kindness of their hearts...LMFAO.
  8. Let CSO amd MEMI get involved....torn down in a New York second.....lol, punks.
  9. I would personally like to see the entrance and lighthouse stay but hope CSO and MEMI tear them both down...dont want them to have the satisfaction acting as if they care.....such **sholes.....
  10. Saw in the threads and finally someone noticed the acres was donated for a summer home of CSO., hence Riverbend. Then years later promoters and bottom feeders came to Cincinnati. The expert on all this transition would be Mr. Vic Nolting.... Dennis, your response on all this was bs...respect you though.
  11. Yep...have first had experiences with a few of those snakes...it an agenda for their profit. Be easier for me to digest it tear the gate and it all down...but they will do simply what serves them best...
  12. Would elaborate...I understand it was a sale on property, but both had vested interest to obtain overall control of the lots they controlled...and now have the parking and concessions.
  13. What is interesting is management groups find sponsors/naming rights today...what about the generous families that built it. Edit...reference to Riverbend as we called the shed...
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